Emilia Clarke says Qi’ra’s appearance in the War of the Bounty Hunters comic “means so much”

Recently, as the epic crossover comic story War of the Bounty Hunters kicked off with the first issue, a major reveal left fans thrilled.

The end of the issue revealed that the mysterious person who had orchestrated stealing Han Solo from Boba Fett was none other than the leader of Crimson Dawn, Qi’ra!

Qi’ra, of course, first appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story as the former love interest of Han Solo who was conscripted into service with the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate. She worked for Dryden Vos but ultimately killed him, usurping his place and reporting to the true leader of Crimson Dawn, Maul. Fans have been hoping for more content about her (and the other characters from Solo) to continue their stories, and this comic reveals that she out-lived Maul and is still alive and active in the post-The Empire Strikes Back era.

The reveal meant a lot to fans, but it also meant a lot to Emilia Clarke, the actress who brought Qi’ra to life in Solo. ComicBook.com asked her about the appearance of Qi’ra in the series, to which Clarke responded:

“It means so much. It means the absolute world. I know her backstory. I know her history. Maybe the movie didn’t get to go there, but that was such an honor and a privilege to be part of that universe as an actor. So then, to see the character actually be taken on to the origin of all of it – bringing it on home to the family in that way – cemented it in a way. I was not expecting to feel as moved as I was by that.”

It’s pretty awesome that Clarke is even aware of Qi’ra’s appearance here, as most of the time the actors in the films and shows aren’t up on what’s happening in the books and comics (and I’m not saying they should expected to be either, just that they usually aren’t). Some might view that as an indication that Clarke is aware of other plans for Qi’ra’s character moving forward, but while that could indeed be the case, it’s also not a surprise that Clarke is up on what’s happening in the world of comic books a bit. She actually wrote a comic book, which releases this summer, called M.O.M.: Mother of Madness, which she co-wrote with Marguerite Bennett, about a single mother who discovers she has superpowers (and I’m not talking about the superpowers of being a single mother!).

So Clarke is into the comic world, and she’s at least aware of what’s happening with Qi’ra in the War of the Bounty Hunters story and is thrilled about it. And I think it’s really cool that she not only knows about it but is so honored by it. Here’s hoping that we actually get to see Clarke reprise her role as Qi’ra soon!

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