Three classic Star Wars Legends novels are being re-released, with more to come in the future!

So much of Star Wars storytelling throughout the years has happened in books. That has continued with the new canon, with plenty of fantastic content already released and more on the way, but we also shouldn’t ignore that there were plenty of great stories told in Legends material as well.

And soon, you’ll be able to purchase some classic Legends novels re-released with new covers as trade paperbacks! Dey Rey announced early this month that Heir to the Empire (by Timothy Zahn), Path of Destruction (by Drew Karpyshyn), and Shatterpoint (by Matthew Stover) will be released on June 15th, with more to follow!

I think the cover art looks fantastic for these three novels, and I’ll certainly be adding them to my collection. Heir to the Empire is the most well-known of all of these books (and probably the most well-known of any Star Wars book), as it helped launch the Expanded Universe and was the first book of the landmark Thrawn trilogy. Similarly, Path of Destruction was the first book in a well-received trilogy, as it was the first chapter in the Darth Bane trilogy. And then Shatterpoint is perhaps one of the more ‘hidden’ treasures of the EU, taking a deeper dive into the character of Mace Windu.

It’s a great idea to re-release some of the better Legends novels (because let’s face it, not all of them were great) and provide a standard look and size for collectors. Del Rey said that the next wave in this collection will arrive this fall, and I have to assume that among it will be the second chapters of both the Thrawn trilogy and the Darth Bane trilogy. I’d think that a novel like Darth Plagueis (by James Lucerno) would be an obvious one to publish in this collection too, though we’ll have to wait and see. Regardless, I’m excited about adding these and think they look great!

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