New character trailer and posters released for The Bad Batch!

Tomorrow is the day!! The Bad Batch premieres on Disney+ in celebration of May the 4th, dropping with a 70-minute mini-movie to launch the newest show from Lucasfilm Animation.

We were introduced to this squad of elite clones in the seventh season of The Clone Wars, as the squad consists of Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Crosshair, and were then joined by Echo. But to remind audiences about these five clones, Star Wars released a new character trailer highlighting the individual members. There’s not much new footage, but it’s a helpful and enjoyable featurette:

Additionally, over the past several days Star Wars has been releasing individual character posters for the series, featuring these five clones, as well as Omega:

The Bad Batch is the latest show from Lucasfilm Animation, exploring this squad of clones in a rapidly changing galaxy in the post-Order 66 world, as the Republic is reorganized into the Galactic Empire. I’m really excited to see where the story goes, and most of all, I’m just pumped to have another animated Star Wars show! Everything the department has done so far has been fantastic, and I expect nothing less from this one!

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