The Bad Batch is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

The Bad Batch is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes! There was a community puzzle going on today that was solved, leading to the kit reveal for Hunter, the first member of the elite clone squadron coming to the popular mobile game!

Hunter is obviously a leader and an attacker, and he will grant a number of buffs to other Bad Batch allies. It’s hard to truly evaluate the kit right now before seeing the other Bad Batch members (though his second special looks really great), but you can check out his kit here! The bigger thing than his individual kit is that he introduces a new faction, the Bad Batch, to the game. His kit looks like it’s specifically geared toward working with this faction (and only secondarily with clone troopers), but this is one of those instances where I’m ok with it and it makes tons of sense, since this is an in-universe faction anyway.

We will be getting the next character reveals for the Bad Batch on April 8th, April 15th, and April 29th, so three of the next four Thursdays we’ll be getting a character reveal for the Bad Batch! That gives us something to look forward to! But it’s worth noting that there are only three more kit reveals coming, from the looks of it, and there are four more Bad Batch members to include. We’ve already got Hunter, but there’s still Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo to go. So which one will get left out? I feel pretty confident that Wrecker and Tech will be included, so it comes down to Echo and Crosshair. And that’s where it gets interesting. If they’re basing it off of season seven of The Clone Wars, then it’ll probably be Crosshair. But if they’re basing it off of The Bad Batch, it might be Echo. Why? Well, Crosshair appears to leave the group pretty early on in the show… but we don’t know why. It’s also always possible that we’ll get all four of them, which would round out the complete squad and give us a full five character team.

I also hope that other clone troopers can work decently with the Bad Batch, and I’m thinking specifically of Cody, who doesn’t fit in with the other clones in a 501st team. And since he seemed to work most closely with the Bad Batch, it would make tons of sense if he could fit in too. But we’ll have to see. I’m just really excited to be getting four new clones in this game, which will bring us from six currently to ten – that’s great news!!

One of the reasons I’m particularly excited about this is that it’s the first time in a long time that Galaxy of Heroes actually gave us content before/alongside the current Star Wars stuff. Over the past couple of years, the game has largely waited until a film or show was already released to give us new content. But here, with the Bad Batch, it seems that they’ll give us the characters in the leadup to the show’s release on May 4th. That helps to build excitement and momentum, and though it’s a minor thing, it’s something I’ve been wishing this game did. I’m glad to see it happening here.

Of course, some people will probably be frustrated by this, since it’s moving away from content from The Mandalorian before we all expected. It feels like there are still threads hanging there, but I’ll just say this: I don’t think we’re done with The Mandalorian content yet. And maybe I’m just skeptical (I’ve been playing this game for years, so you can’t blame me), but maybe even these characters will be released in an effort to get you to spend your resources on them right before the big Mandalorian thing drops (thus forcing you to spend money). Probably not, but my point is this: I don’t think we’re done with Mandalorian stuff. And in the meantime, I’m super pumped about the Bad Batch coming to the game!

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