New Star Wars: The High Republic video shows us a glimpse of Geode!

The Star Wars social media department continues to produce great video shorts about The High Republic era, and recently there was one posted on the Star Wars website about Leox Gyasi – and in it, of course, we also got a look at Affie Hollow and Geode!

These characters appeared in Claudia Gray’s Into the Dark (you can read my review here!), as Leox and Affie work for the Byne Guild. They wind up transporting Jedi who intend to head to the Starlight Beacon, but when the Great Disaster happens, the group is left to an old space station – where they discover more problems than they could possibly imagine.

But throughout the book we are also introduced to a third member of the Vessel crew, who pilots the ship alongside Leox and Affie: Geode. He is, as far as it appears, quite literally just a rock. In actuality, he is a Vintian, who serves as the navigator for the ship. He doesn’t talk and the only glimpses we get about Geode come through other characters, particularly Leox, but toward the end of the novel Geode does get a heroic moment after all.

Some people have complained about the fact that a rock-like creature is a featured character in this story, but that complaint is misplaced, since there is a lot in Star Wars that is, well, silly. And Geode is intended to be humorous as well. It’s a testament to Claudia Gray’s skills as a writer that she’s able to take Geode – again, who is basically a rock – and actually make him a fun, humorous character. He doesn’t have a major role, but he’s clearly portrayed as an actual character in this story. Anyone who has actually read the book, at least that I’ve seen, has enjoyed him.

So yes, it’s silly. Yes, it’s rather absurd. But so too is plenty of other things in Star Wars, and Geode is handled well in this story. As strange as it sounds, I’d love to see him show up in further stories down the road!

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