Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures reveals why Jedi Master Torban Buck has the nickname “Buckets of Blood”

When we were introduced to Jedi Master Torban Buck and heard that his nickname was “Buckets of Blood,” many were extremely curious.

After all, how does a Jedi Master get the nickname “Buckets of Blood” – since that sounds inherently unJedi like!

Well the second issue of the Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures comic series, written by Daniel José Older, reveals it: and it’s not what you think, but it’s a pretty hilarious explanation.

Buck is stationed on the Star Hopper, a training vessel for Jedi younglings, alongside the wise Grand Master Yoda. In the first issue of the series, the Jedi aboard the vessel are the only ones close enough to lend aid to Tyrmant IV in the wake of the Great Disaster, but the Jedi padawans wind up encountering the Nihil. This issue picks up where that one left off, and Yoda and Buck arrive to save the day. As the two of them lead the padawans into battle, Buck ignites his lightsaber and screams, “Buckets of Blood has arrived on the scene!”, charging forth toward the Nihil. But later, as Yoda tries to devise a plan to rescue a local kid, Buck says, “Master Yoda, I’m not a fighting Jedi. I’m a healer! I came along on this mission to teach the kids basics of first aid, not –“ His plea was cut short by another attack, but all of the sudden we realize that maybe this Jedi isn’t some great warrior. That’s confirmed just a few pages later, when the padawans look over and see him trying to fight off the Nihil, all the while shouting, “Arrgg! Oof! I! Hate! Fighting!”

So why the nickname “Buckets of Blood”?

That’s the same thing the padawans are wondering, and after the fighting is over and Buck thanks them for coming through for him, they ask him about it. “Because I’m a healer! I help keep the blood within the body! Not take it out!” The padawans look at each other in astonishment, and Buck insistently says, “Buckets of Blood! To save lives!”

So there you have it: Torban Buck is nicknamed “Buckets of Blood” because, as a Jedi healer, he focuses on trying to keep the blood within the body. He’s not a fighting Jedi, but remember, wars not make one great. It’s played out in a very humorous manner, as Buck sounds so confident and dangerous as he yells it out charging into battle… but then we see that he’s not all that adept at fighting and his nickname isn’t at all what we thought it was.

Under different circumstances, this might feel cheap or lame, but given the fact that this sounds so much more Jedi-like, and the fact that it’s developed really well and humorously in this issue, it works tremendously.

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