New video on the High Republic focuses on the mysterious Jedi Master Sskeer

As the High Republic continues to gain momentum with more and more books and comics released, we also are continuing to get more and more video shorts from the Star Wars social media accounts featuring various characters.

These have been fun and informative, and the one of the most recent focused on one of the more interesting and mysterious characters of the era so far, Sskeer:

Skeer first appeared in Light of the Jedi, but he has played an even bigger role in Cavan Scott’s comic series as the Master to new Jedi Knight Keeve Trennis. We know that he lost an arm in a battle with the Nihil in the wake of the Great Disaster, but even more devastating, he lost one of his closest friends in Jedi Master Jora Malli. That has seemingly left him broken, as he is not the same… but it also seems that he has a dark secret that has been teased which we don’t currently know.

As I mentioned, there’s obviously something wrong with Sskeer. And though the tragedy he’s experienced could explain it, the High Republic authors have teased that he’s hiding a dark secret, and, well, the tragedy isn’t a secret. So I’m guessing that there’s still much more we don’t know abut this Jedi Master, and I can’t wait to learn it. He’s one of the more interesting Jedi of this era so far, and a large part of that is because there’s obviously something going on.

But anyway, this video does a nice job of providing a general introduction without spoiling anything major. I hope that these videos drive more people to the High Republic stories!

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