The first episode of the Star Wars: The High Republic show premiered last week!

Last Wednesday, the very first episode of Star Wars: The High Republic Show launched!

This anticipated show is hosted by Krystina Arielle and delves deeper into the era of the High Republic, talking with the authors and other people who have brought the stories to life, as well as looking at a variety of other areas, answering questions, and giving exclusive reveals.

This inaugural episode runs for about a half-hour and includes a brief look at the timeline and stories told so far, a new look at the High Republic story told in the ILMxLAB VR adventure Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, talks to the creatives behind the first few stories from the era, answers fan questions, and reveals a few things about the upcoming stories. Check it out!

There weren’t really any major reveals in this episode, though it did give us some artwork of Orla Jareni, a wayseeker Jedi who is a key figure in Claudia Gray’s novel Into the Dark. We also got the cover artwork for one of the upcoming issues of Cavan Scott’s High Republic comic series. So nothing major, but a few cool pieces of art.

The episode did reveal that the next installment of the show will be coming in March, so that gives us a potential timeframe for the show. If it’s every other month, it’s understandable, but a bit disappointing. There’s only so much High Republic content coming out, so I get it, but I’d love to see this show more frequently exploring the stories by talking to creatives and things like that.

But regardless, this was an enjoyable first episode, and I’m really glad that the High Republic is getting so much attention from the Star Wars social media and promotion teams. It’s an exciting new era of storytelling!

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