Star Wars: The High Republic Show debuts this week!

As Star Wars continues to celebrate the launch of The High Republic, we’re getting a new online series this week, entitled Star Wars: The High Republic Show!

The first episode drops Wednesday, January 27 and is hosted by Krystina Arielle. This show will be similar to The Star Wars Show and This Week in Star Wars show, in that it will be a real-life show for Star Wars fans that explores further the stories, characters, authors, and more. This one specifically focuses on this brand new storytelling initiative in the Star Wars universe.

The High Republic explores an era never before covered in Star Wars, either in Legends or in canon, set 200 years before the prequel trilogy. This era sees the galaxy during a time of great expansions into the Outer Rim, during which the Jedi are the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. But the Great Disaster happens, rattling the galaxy and calling the Jedi into action – into a crisis they don’t even fully understand yet.

This show will further explore the era. In the most recent episode of This Week in Star Wars, Arielle shared a bit more about what to expect from this upcoming show:

“Now on the show we’re digging deep into the mythology, stories, and characters from the High Republic with the people who actually made it. We’re talking interviews, behind-the-scenes access, and lots of exclusives that you’ll only see first on the High Republic Show. But our show wouldn’t be what it is without you, the High Republic fan that has a brain full of burning questions you want answered. Well luckily for you, we’ve got just the people who can answer them right here at Lucasfilm. So if you have something about the High Republic you’re dying to know, hit us up online using the hashtag #THRSquestions and maybe, just maybe, one of our experts will give you all the juicy details you crave. And don’t forget to watch the very first episode of The High Republic Show right here on, and the official Star Wars Youtube channel, on Wednesday, January 27. Trust me, it’s going to be amazing!”

So it seems that there will be a variety of segments and spots that are featured in these episodes, similar to how The Star Wars Show or Rebels Recon worked. There will be interviews, behind-the-scenes tidbits, questions answered, exclusive announcements, and more. In particular, that Q&A segment with experts reminds me a lot of how Andi Gutierrez would ask Pablo Hidalgo questions about the recent episodes of Rebels Recon. And if this show is anything like Rebels Recon, it’ll surely be fantastic.

I’m excited for this, and the thing that I think is really great is that this is yet another example of Star Wars treating this publishing project like a huge deal. This is the kind of show that has been seen for TV series in the past, so for Star Wars to launch one about these books and comics is awesome.

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