Report: Star Wars developing an animated show set in the High Republic era!

There’s a lot of talk about live-action Star Wars shows these days, but the animated shows have featured some of the very best content we’ve ever gotten in a galaxy far, far away, so they shouldn’t be forgotten!

We know that The Bad Batch is an upcoming animated series that will release in 2021, but beyond that we don’t know much. However, Cinelinx’s Jordan Maison reports that there are three animated shows currently in various stages of development at Lucasfilm, and that one of them is set in the High Republic era!

That’s huge news, though probably not super surprising to many people. Despite a repeated insistence that this era is only for publishing, I think many people assumed that wouldn’t really be the case unless the project was a complete flop. I certainly don’t expect it to be, and it’s really exciting to think about the opportunity to explore a time period that is wide open. Set 200 years before the events of the Skywalker Saga, these stories can really dive into the Jedi and the Force, and there aren’t really very many parameters whatsoever as to characters or plot points.

The High Republic era will officially kick off in January with the release of Charles Soule’s novel Light of the Jedi, and a number of books and comics will follow. That’s just phase one of the project, and more is very much in the works. Including, it sounds like, an animated series. This sounds to just be in the earlier stages of development, so don’t be expecting it to drop anytime soon, but it’s possible we could get an official announcement before long.

As with any report, take it with some caution until official, but this doesn’t surprise me and would be really, really cool. I think it would be thrilling to get an animated series with brand new characters and a wide-open sandbox to play in.

So that would be The Bad Batch and this series, and Maison reported that there’s three in development. So what would the other one be? The most logical guess is that it’s the Rebels sequel series, but Maison says he hasn’t heard anything about that in a long time.

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