Kuiil, IG-11, and more The Mandalorian content coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

With The Mandalorian returning THIS WEEK for the premiere of the first episode of season two, Star Wars did a merchandise reveal today promoting different items from the show, featuring appearances from various cast members.

Included in that was a look at the ways the show is being promoted in video game content, and part of that was a reveal of new characters coming to the popular mobile game Galaxy of Heroes!

Back in April, several months after the first season ended, The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, and Cara Dune came to the game as marquee characters, and they have since been made farmable. All three of them are fun and promising characters who fit into certain squads, but we’ve figured for a while that more characters from the show would be coming. So with the second season premiering, it makes sense for now to be the time.

And so both Kuiil and IG-11 will make their way to the game soon! According to the video released, we can start collecting Kuiil next week, so presumably he’ll be the first one to drop, followed by IG-11. We have no word on how they’ll be released, but I’m fully expecting them to be marquee events (like the previous three Mandalorian characters were), which is an event where they’re unlocked through easy events and can be taken to three stars, but then must be purchased if you want to upgrade – or wait a couple of months to enjoy a long farm.

Oh, and in the footage shown on the livestream, we saw that IG-11 actually has THE CHILD with him! As he did in the season finale of season one, IG-11 wears the Child in a bag as he fights. So yes, technically, the Child will be brought to the game!

But there’s also the tease that more characters from The Mandalorian season two are coming! The video says that they’ll be coming this winter, so I assume that they’ll arrive as we get later into the season. And if I’m right about Kuiil and IG-11 being marquee events, it makes sense that there would be a legendary character coming, since we would have a full squad of five that could be required to unlock another character. It’s been FOREVER since we’ve had a legendary event, too, so it would seem we’re due for one. Who could it be? The two obvious guesses are either the Child or Moff Gideon, and both of them would be really exciting!!

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