Breaking down the latest special look at The Mandalorian season two!

Last night, a special look at the second season of The Mandalorian was released!

It wasn’t a full trailer, as it was just a minute-long look, and it didn’t really reveal anything major, but there were still some interesting shots and dialogue! We’ll break it down here, but first, if you haven’t seen the special look, check it out here:

Though there’s not a ton here, we’ll still break down what we saw, and I’ll give some speculation on some of my guesses for what could be happening. Let’s dive in!

As the teaser begins, we hear a voice saying, “Razor Crest, stand down!” We then cut to the Razor Crest flying through a cloudy sky, pursued by two New Republic X-Wings. We get a close-up of Din Djarin’s helmeted face as he flies the ship, and then we see that he’s flying in an ice trench before crash-landing on the snowy planet.

I had previously wondered if these New Republic X-Wings were helping Mando out, since we saw them flying alongside him almost as if they were his wingmen. And while it’s certainly possible that the trailer is misleading there, it’s probably not. We hear someone calling for the Razor Crest to stand down, and we’re certainly meant to think that it’s a New Republic pilot. So this dramatically changes our understanding of what’s happening, since now it appears they’re actually chasing him. That could be pretty interesting. We obviously just assume that the New Republic are always the good guys, since in pretty much everything we’ve seen, they are! Heck, even in their one appearance in season one of this show, they wind up taking out people who had crossed Mando, so it was sweet justice. But what if the New Republic actually winds up pursuing Mando? Since viewers are bound to root for Djarin (and absolutely for the Child), that would mean the viewer would actually be rooting against the New Republic. That would be a very interesting twist worth exploring. But why would they be in pursuit? Did Mando break some laws… or are they after the Child too?

Anyway, the other part of this is that the Razor Crest crash-lands on the snowy planet. And I’ll just say that the more I see of this planet, including in this teaser, the more it absolutely looks like Ilum. I know it’s probably not… but it definitely looks like it!!! And I think that would be fantastic and exciting.

We then cut to Djarin arriving on Nevarro, and Greef Karga and Cara Dune walk out to meet him. “I’m here on business,” he tells them. “I need your help. I’ve been quested to bring this one back to its kind.” He then shakes hands with Karga, and it appears that both Greef and Cara are actually happy to see him.

It’s my guess that much of what happens in these trailers so far appears very early in the season, so perhaps this happens in the first episode or two, as Mando begins his quest to return the Child to its kind. We’ve known that’s his mission, but now we see that he’s enlisting help in it. I’m quite excited to see him work alongside Greef and Cara again!

This shot doesn’t tell us much of anything, but it’s another look at Tatooine, as a speeder bike zooms by in the distance.

On the snowy planet (that may or may not be Ilum), we see Mando fixing his ship. He stares up at something (maybe the top of the ice cave?), we see the Razor Crest, and we see Djarin working on the ship trying to fix it. To me, then, the big question is whether this planet was his intended destination, or whether it was just where he crashed on and wants to leave. We don’t have an answer to that right now.

The big thing that happens during these shots, however, is that we hear this line from Djarin: “If I can locate other Mandalorians, they can guide me.” Presumably this is continuing on from his dialogue with Greef and Cara about his quest, but we’ll see. Regardless of where this takes place, though, it tells us something really important that we didn’t previously know: Din Djarin and the Child are going to be searching for other Mandalorians. Obviously Djarin’s covert was mostly wiped out at the end of season one, so now he’s left looking for others of his kind. It seems like this plays into his overall quest too, as he wants their help to guide him to the Child’s kind (whether that means Jedi or his species is unclear). But we do know he’ll be looking for other Mandalorians, and this new reveal helps some other pieces (maybe) fall into place. After all, it has been reported that Bo-Katan Kryze will appear this season, and rumors also suggest that Sabine Wren might show up too. Both of them are Mandalorians, so it makes sense that Djarin would seek them out, since he’s looking for them. This could also be how Ahsoka Tano comes into play, since she’s likely with Sabine. But this could also be how Cobb Vanth and Boba Fett come into play too (two other characters reported to appear), as even though they’re not actual Mandalorians, there’s obviously Mandalorian armor. It’s possible that Djarin gets a report of a Mandalorian on Tatooine and heads to investigate, only to find out that it’s Vanth and/or Fett.

Anyway, I think this was the most significant reveal in the trailer. We didn’t previously know that Djarin was going to search out other Mandalorians, but now that we do, some of the possibilities of what that could mean and how it could work are impossible to ignore.

So we’ve seen most of these shots before, but Djarin walks into an arena where two Gamorreans are fighting, only to be confronted by an Abyssin, who says, “This is no place for a child.” Mando is then surrounded by a bunch of thugs with guns, he secretly readies the whistling birds, the Child hides, and Mando says, “Wherever I go he goes.” He then lets the whistling birds go, hitting each of the thugs except for the Abyssin.

Considering how much we’ve seen from this scene, I wonder if it happens in the first episode. In fact, it seems theoretically possible that this could be from one of the opening scenes of the season. Why do I say that? For a couple of reasons. (1) We’ve seen a lot of it. (2) It introduces us to a new environment that is immediately intriguing. And (3) it sets the stage for what’s going on this season: people are still after the Child, but Mando is taking him everywhere. The two are never separated.

On Nevarro, a transport jumps off a ledge and into a cavern. It looks like the same place where, in the previous trailer, Scout Troopers jump off on speeder bikes. So what’s probably happening here is that Greef and Cara steal this transport from an Imperial facility on Nevarro, and Scout Troopers take speeder bikes in pursuit. We see two of these Scout Troopers riding their bikes alongside the transport, but the transport drives one of them into the edge of the trench. This leads to an excited shout from Cara… but we also see that another person is accompanying Greef and Cara in the transport: the Mythrol from season one! How’s that work? I don’t know. But one thought that’s come to my mind is that perhaps they’re actually breaking him out of the Imperial facility, needing his help or information about something?

Anyway, one other little tidbit is that this transport looks pretty similar to the one that we see in Rebels when the heroes rescue Sabine’s father. There’s probably no thematic connection there, but it’s still cool!

Another shot of Djarin, who is looking down (presumably at the Child) before looking up (at what looks like Greef). This is probably from the same scene shown earlier.

And a shot of Cara Dune, looking at Mando.

No trailer for this show would be complete without an adorable look at the Child, which we get here!

We saw this in a recent TV spot, but it’s probably worth bringing up again here. We see Djarin standing, with his blaster at the ready, as a door opens – to show us that Greef and Cara are alongside him, with their blasters drawn as well. It kinda looks like they’re in an Imperial facility of sorts, so I bet this is connected to the other sequences on Nevarro we’ve seen.

We also saw this in a TV spot, but Greef mans the turret in the Razor Crest!

This is new: Djarin leads Cara and Greef down a dimly-lit tunnel. Again, it looks like it’s a part of that same compound on Nevarro, but it doesn’t really give us any more information about what they’re doing there.

Also on Nevarro, we see TIE Fighters flying above what looks like the trench, with smoke and lava in the background. We saw in the TV spot that it looks like some explosions rock the ground and the TIEs take off to flee, so maybe this is connected to that. But I also wonder whether they’re in pursuit of the transport being piloted by Greef and Cara?

And finally, we hear Djarin saying, “Here we go!” as he activates his new jetpack and takes off flying across the trench. This is how the teaser ends.

Piecing things together, I think a lot of the stuff we see on Nevarro probably happens early in the season (since a very high percentage of the footage we’ve seen happens there), and here’s my guess for how that happens: Din Djarin arrives on Nevarro to enlist Greef and Cara to help him in his quest. They then must infiltrate an Imperial facility on the planet for a reason (is it to rescue the Child? To break out the Mythrol? Something else?) and then attempt to escape. Greef and Cara flee in a transport, but are pursued by Scout Troopers on speeder bikes. At some point, TIEs join in on the pursuit. But Mando is ready to turn the tides by springing into action with his jetpack.

That’s just a guess though. Thankfully, we don’t need to wait long to see for sure! And if I’m correct that much of this footage occurs early in the season, then we’ll be finding out for sure sooner rather than later.

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