Breaking down the new footage in the latest TV spot for The Mandalorian season two!

Last night, Star Wars posted a new TV spot for The Mandalorian, which features new footage from the upcoming second season!

If you haven’t seen it, check out the TV spot here:

Let’s dive in and break down the new shots seen here!

The trailer begins with some flashbacks to season one – which are evidenced by a blueish gray filter overlaying the shots. There’s shots of Moff Gideon emerging from his TIE with the darksaber, shots of Din Djarin and the Child, and a shot of the Razor Crest. As this happens, we hear some dialogue from Gideon from the end of season one, saying, “You have something I want. It will be mine.” So far, between the trailer and this TV spot, we haven’t gotten any new dialogue from this season, as it’s all been taken from the end of season one. Obviously they’re keeping things pretty under wraps, which makes sense. All they need to do with these glimpses is build excitement, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. As a nice touch, I liked how the footage from the previous season was given a tinted look to distinguish it. Plus, it was great seeing Moff Gideon here.

This is a new shot only in technicality, as it just looks like an ever so slightly earlier version of the shot seen in the trailer, as Mando walks into a place where some Gamorreans are fighting.

Aboard the boat seen in the trailer, we get a new glimpse of Mando and the Child. I love this shot, as it shows the two of them staring out at the water, side-by-side, on a quest together. It doesn’t really look like this boat is intended as a transport for people but is more of a cargo and/or fishing boat, so probably Din convinced some people to give him a lift to where he’s going. As I’ve mentioned before, I love the feel of these characters taking a boat in Star Wars – it feels so normal yet so different at the same time.

We didn’t see much of Cara Dune or Greef Karga in the previous trailer, but we get to see more of them here. In this shot, a door opens to reveal Mando, and we then discover that Cara and Greef are with him. All three have their blasters drawn, and Djarin points his at something off-screen right as the shot cuts away. I’m really curious as to where they’re at – and, more importantly, where the Child is. The design of the hallway looks kinda Imperial, so one thought I’ve had is that this is in an Imperial facility or something, but the look isn’t *exact*, so we’ll see. But like I mentioned, far more important is where the Child is – are they simply on a mission while he’s being watched by someone else (but who else could it be?), or is their mission to rescue him? Perhaps that’s what causes Mando to enlist the help of Cara and Greef?

Here’s a shot of Imperial TIE Fighters taking off into flight, and as you can see, there’s an explosion happening right as one of the ships launches. But this explosion doesn’t appear to be from something on the ground but actually coming from the ground, exploding up into the air from underground. Looking around at the terrain as best I can tell, I wonder if this is Nevarro. It certainly looks like the planet we’re familiar with from season one, we know that the Imperials have a presence there, and it’s a lava planet. What if the planet begins to have some volcanic activity that results in lava eruptions, forcing the Empire to flee – all the while hunting Djarin? That could make for a thrilling and really cool pursuit.

There’s a shot of Cara Dune, but it’s really hard to tell much of anything from it. It looks like she might be in a fight, however. Not that it would be too surprising.

There’s also a new shot of Greef Karga, and it looks like he’s manning the guns of the Razor Crest, as he swings around pretty fast. I love his fresh look this season and think he’s looking good, and I’m very intrigued by seeing him on the guns of the Crest. We haven’t seen the turret in action, but I’m excited at the prospects of seeing that happen – probably in a dogfight with Imperials, if I had to guess.

This shot is epic. We see stormtroopers at a base of some sorts, with lava below, and Din Djarin taking off with his jetpack and soaring toward the sky. This is the kind of stuff that I’m especially excited to see from this season, as Djarin now seems fully-equipped with his equipment and armor, and seeing him put all of it to use will be really cool. I’m guessing this is on Nevarro at that Imperial compound.

However, I’ll just say this: there are parts of these shots that make me think of Sullust. I can’t exactly think of a reason why they’d be on Sullust this season, though, so I’m continuing to say that it’s very likely Nevarro. That easily makes the most sense.

Anyway, though, this is another epic shot, as Djarin lands after flying with his jetpack, and it’s obvious that there’s been a fight with Imperials (that’s not over yet, as we see at least one stormtrooper still standing). Perhaps here we see Jon Favreau’s influence very heavily, as this is the classic Iron Man landing shot, just with Mando instead.

Taking this TV spot overall, I actually don’t think it shows us stuff from across the season, as it looks like it’s all related. It looks like it’s on Nevarro, which would explain why Greef Karga and Cara Dune are there, and it looks like Mando fights with Imperials at a compound of sorts. And if we’re right about that, then perhaps the compound we see Djarin, Karga, and Dune in is the same one, still here on the planet. But at some point, the volcanic planet becomes so unstable that it begins erupting, forcing a frantic evacuation, during which the Empire is still trying to catch and stop Djarin at the same time as they’re trying to flee the planet. To me, that seems like a very reasonable explanation for all of this – but again, my main question would return to this: where is the Child? Is it possible that Moff Gideon and his forces comes to get the Child, and Mando and his team has to rescue him?

We’re just over two weeks away now from actually diving into season two, where our questions will begin to be answered and even more will be raised! I can’t wait!

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