Character posters for The Mandalorian season two released!

Today, we got some brand new character posters promoting The Mandalorian season two, featuring Din Djarin, Cara Dune, Greef Karga, and the Child:

The posters are pretty cool and feature these main characters against a graffiti’d backdrop. There’s no context for us to tell what’s going on here, and most likely it’s just developed particularly for these posters.

This is the latest promotion for The Mandalorian, which is certainly going to be picking up in the next few weeks as we lead up to the season premiere on Friday, October 30, on Disney+. In fact, I wonder if a second trailer could be coming soon. It’s not uncommon for these trailers to be released around the same time as posters like this, so I’m going to be interested in seeing whether a trailer drops in the next few days or not. I’m hoping so, but either way, I’m confident that the marketing and promotion will increase regardless.

And one thing I’m really thankful for is that this time around, the Child can be front and center in all of it.

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