A cool Star Wars video identifies a number of the ships that arrive at the Battle of Exegol

At the end of The Rise of Skywalker, when things look bleakest for Poe Dameron and the Resistance, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca arrive on the Millennium Falcon with a massive fleet.

This fleet was made up of normal people from across the galaxy who decided to heed the call and rise up to fight Palpatine’s Final Order, seeking to end the war once and for all. This fleet featured thousands of ships, and a recent Star Wars Kids video explored just a few of them, looking at all the ships of the sequel trilogy:

There are, of course, some really notable ships. Most excitingly, the Ghost shows up in the battle, seen pretty clearly behind the Falcon when they arrive, but also seen landing on Ajan Kloss after the battle was over. The Ghost is familiar to fans of Star Wars Rebels, as it serves as the central hub of the Spectres and the personal ship of Hera Syndulla. The ship flew in battle at the Battle of Scarif, and General Syndulla went on to fight for the Rebellion in several key moments, including the Battle of Endor. We don’t know who’s flying the ship here at the Battle of Exegol (my money’s on either Hera or her son, Jacen – or both!), but it’s awesome that it shows up.

This video also identifies a couple other ships we’re familiar with. For example, we see a Wookiee Gunship in the background (which appeared in Revenge of the Sith), as well as a couple of Naboo Starfighters flying by (as seen in The Phantom Menace). It’s cool how this fleet, which is supposedly made up of people from all across the galaxy, features so many ships that we’ve seen throughout the saga.

In fact, here are all 34 ships identified in the video as reinforcing the Resistance at Exegol:

MC95C Star Cruiser, MC95D Star Cruiser, MC95E Star Cruiser, MC95A Star Cruiser, MC75B Star Cruiser, Coruscant Freighter, Mining Guild Freighter, Drovan Freighter, MC75C Star Cruiser, Hammerhead Corvette, Dornean Gunship, YT-2400BT Freighter, Durosian Fighter, Lantillian Hauler, Wookiee Gunship, Lantillian Hauler, Gozanti Armed Transport, U-Wing, Victor-Wing Fighter, Razor Assault Ship, Naboo Starfighter, ZH-40 Tribune Light Freighter, Hynestian Star Cruiser, MC95 Star Cruiser, Sullustian Cargo Barge, Nebulon-B Frigate, MC75 Star Cruiser, Mandalorian Fang Fighter, Pelta-Class Frigate, Lancer Pursuit Craft, Lothalian Corvette, Ralltiiri Light Freighter, T-6 Shuttle, Aurore-Class Freighter, The Ghost

But in addition to these ships, we also know of a few others. According to The Rise of Skywalker novelization, written by Rae Carson, these people also arrived at Exegol to help Dameron’s fledgling fighters:

  • Phantom Squadron (This was the squadron formed by Wedge Antilles shortly after Endor, which flew at the Battle of Kashyyyk and the Battle of Jakku.)
  • Anodyne Two
  • Alphabet Two
  • Zay Versio and Inferno Squad (Presumably this means that Shriv was also present, as he typically traveled with Zay)
  • Kaz and Yeager (The novelization explicitly confirms Kaz’s presence, and it infer’s Yeager’s by mentioning a deep voice responding to Kaz)

One other ship to mention is actually shown clearly in the movie, as Zorii Bliss and Babu Frik show up in Zorii’s Y-Wing, much to Poe’s excitement.

So that’s 42 ships we know of at the Battle of Exegol. That’s a pretty small number when compared to the massive number of ships present, but it’s a pretty significant number when you consider that each of those ships contains a story behind it that led to them arriving at Exegol – some of which we’re familiar with, and some of which we’re not.

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