Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is adding a pretty humorous new character from The Empire Strikes Back

In a surprise announcement this week, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes announced that a new character from The Empire Strikes Back will soon be arriving in the game: Threepio & Chewie.

That’s right – this character features both Chewbacca and C-3PO, as it’s the version of the character from Cloud City in Empire where Chewie carries around the damaged protocol droid on his back.

It’s kinda surprising to see this announced, but the character model is actually already in the game. In the recent Jedi Luke Skywalker event, Threepio & Chewie was a unit provided to players for the event, but now we’re getting an unlockable version. The kit looks like it’s basically a combination of the 3PO and Chewbacca units already in the game, but it’s pretty cool to be getting this toon. I wasn’t expecting it and it’s a bit strange that this is the unit chosen for the Empire theme, but nonetheless I’m happy with it.

Threepio & Chewie will be a marquee event release, which means that players can unlock the character and take him to three stars. To upgrade beyond that will cost money – or a several month wait.

Also of note is that the promo art for this character has the “Wookiee” tag. I wouldn’t put it past the SWGOH team to just chalk that up to a “mistake” (it’s sad that it seems like a real possibility that’s actually happened before), but if it’s true then that would be a cool faction that many have been wanting. This will mark the fifth iteration of Chewbacca in the game, as we already have Rebel Chewie, Clone Wars Chewie, Vandor Chewie, and Veteran Smuggler Chewie. Additionally, we have another Wookiee in the game too in Zaalbar. That will make six Wookiees in the game, which is more than Geonosians, Jawas, or Tuskens – all of which have their own faction tag. With all of this in mind, a Wookiee tag seems long overdue, although significant changes would still need to take place before an all-Wookiee squad would have any sort of synergy together. But that’s something that could always come later, most easily and naturally with the addition of the Wookiee Chieftain Tarfful as a leader to unify the faction.

But anyway, I’m really glad to see more attention being paid to the anniversary of Empire, and this is a humorous yet cool addition to do just that.

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