Kelleran Beq will have a purple lightsaber in Jedi Temple Challenge

The new Star Wars kids show, Jedi Temple Challenge, will premiere this week on the Star Wars Kids Youtube channel, and will be hosted by Ahmed Best, who is playing Jedi Master Kelleran Beq.

Best, known for his revolutionary portrayal of Jar-Jar Binks in the prequel trilogy, took to Instagram recently to divulge the color of his lightsaber (purple) and why he chose that color:

Keep in mind that Best’s explanation of purple being a balance between red and blue isn’t canon, but it does make sense and certainly doesn’t contradict anything we know in canon. There’s actually not a whole lot of information as to what makes the different lightsaber colors, but I like Best’s explanation, both in terms of the thematic and real-world influences behind his decision.

We of course think of Mace Windu when we see a purple lightsaber, but Kelleran Beq will also have one in this show (though how much he uses it remains to be seen). We don’t know when this show is set, and not all of it will be considered canon, but Beq’s character seems to be. And since this is Star Wars, I’d guess that Kelleran Beq will show up in other material down the road as well, but for now, we’ll see him in Jedi Temple Challenge starting this week!

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