Sam Witwer says Dave Filoni’s live-action experience came in handy during final arc of The Clone Wars

In a recent interview with SW Holocron Blog, Sam Witwer discussed a number of different aspects of Star Wars, including how Dave Filoni’s live-action experience came in handy on the final arc of The Clone Wars:

“Funny enough, Dave Filoni’s live action experience definitely played into this final arc, because this final arc is more of a film read in terms of the vocal stuff that I was doing. I was like, ‘This is how I would do it if I were shooting it and Ray Park was on the set. This is how I would go about it.’ By the way, Ray does a great job in this season.”

I point this comment out because I think it’s something that is worth realizing: the Siege of Mandalore was far better because of the wait.

The arc has been talked about for years as the rightful end to the series, and ever since a final season was announced this arc has been far and away the most anticipated aspect of it. But I think it’s really interesting how the several year wait has actually contributed to this arc being better than ever. For example, the wait allowed the animators to work on the look of the show and make it look far better than ever. Or as another example, Filoni’s work on Rebels has paid off in a number of small yet significant ways in terms of characters and plot points.

And now, Witwer explains how Filoni’s experience working on The Mandalorian, giving him live-action experience, paid off in this final arc, since things were treated much like a film (that much is evident in the way things are put together with this arc too).

So really, it could be said that the Siege of Mandalore is a culmination of all Dave Filoni’s experiences to this point, from working on The Clone Wars with George Lucas to his work on Rebels to his work on The Mandalorian. All of this led to the final arc of the show being better than ever.

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