The Clone Wars lighting and VX supervisor says “The Phantom Apprentice” is the best episode we’ve seen

Last week’s episode of The Clone Wars, which was part one of the four-episode Siege of Mandalore arc, was the best episode we’ve ever seen from the show.

But it sounds like this week’s episode might top it.

That’s according to Gianni Aliotti, who is the Lighting and VX supervisor for The Clone Wars. Aliotti tweeted this earlier this week:

There is of course going to be a bit of bias involved, but nonetheless it’s still pretty exciting. The more we hear about this week’s episode, the more exciting it gets. I was totally blown away by the first episode of this arc, and that’s after having incredibly high expectations in the first place. So I have no doubt that this week’s episode will continue that standard, especially since it’ll feature the long-awaited duel between Ahsoka and Maul.

We’re almost there!!!!

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