Work on The Mandalorian season 3 is already underway, per report!

We’re still months away from the premiere of the second season of The Mandalorian, but work on season three is already well underway, according to a report from Variety:

Sources close to the production have confirmed that creator Jon Favreau has been “writing season 3 for a while,” and that the art department, led by Lucasfilm vice president and executive creative director Doug Chiang, has been creating concepts for Season 3 “for the past few weeks.”

More specifically, the report states that the production design department began work on the third season on April 20, so just recently. But Favreau, the report says, has been writing it for a while.

The Mandalorian, which was the first ever live-action Star Wars show, was met with high praise during its debut season on Disney+, and fans are eagerly awaiting the new season that will premiere in October. Showrunner Jon Favreau is working closely with Dave Filoni on the series, and I can’t wait to see the continued adventures of Mando and the Child, among others.

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