Star Wars Resistance: “From Beneath” review

Star Wars fans are currently counting down the hours until the release of The Mandalorian on Disney+ tomorrow, and I’m super excited about it! But while there’s a ton of excitement for that show, let’s not forget that there’s another Star Wars show currently airing: Resistance!

The sixth episode of the second and final season of the animated show aired last night, entitled “From Beneath”, and it was a solid chapter. Let’s dive in to our review!


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Kaz, Torra, Flix, Orka, and CB-23 leave the Colossus to travel to Flix’s homeworld of Drahgor III, needing fuel. And since his family runs a fuel refinery that Flix is entitled to a share of, they head for Flix’s home despite his hesitations about seeing his family again. Upon arriving Flix is reunited with his cousins, who initially give him a hard time about him thinking he deserves some fuel. Kaz strikes a deal with them, however: if Kaz, Flix, and the others help repair the drilling equipment, then the cousins will give them some fuel.

So they head down deeper into the planet toward the equipment, but Flix is worried about the dragon the old legends talked about. His cousin dismisses these as nothing more than tales, but the lift soon breaks down. Torra and Orka are left hanging on to the ladder, while Kaz, Flix, CB-23, and Flix’s cousin are thrown onto the platform by the drill. Torra and Orka begin the long climb back up to the surface to retrieve the shuttle. Kaz and the others, meanwhile, get to work repairing the drill – but Kaz soon encounters the dragon. He warns the others, but it’s too late. The dragon shows up, finally convincing Flix’s cousin of his existence, and he takes Flix’s cousin captive into a cave, preparing to eat him. Kaz, Flix, and CB-23 head into the cave after him, using flashlights to provide discomfort for the dragon. They rescue Flix’s cousin, but upon leaving the cave they discover that there’s a whole family of dragons.

Using what he had learned in his earlier encounter with the dragon, Kaz orders the others to stay still, as the dragons can’t detect them if they do so. Then Flix devises a plan, as he and his cousin create a distraction allowing Kaz to turn on the lights. This works momentarily, buying enough time for Torra and Orka to arrive in the shuttle and rescue them. When they return to the platform above, Flix’s cousin tells the others that they will stop drilling immediately and stop disturbing the dragon, and Flix is given all the fuel he needs to take back to the Colossus.


Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 8.48.13 PM

This is the first time that Resistance has done an episode entirely away from the Colossus, as the only glimpse we get of the station is at the very beginning – and all we see is the ship flying away from it. So that’s a unique change of pace, and for the most part, I thought it worked. It felt less important than other stories this show has told, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely without a purpose: a major issue for the Colossus this season has been the lack of fuel, and this episode goes about addressing that problem. So there’s that thread of relevance and importance to the plot that really helps strengthen this show.

I also really liked the chance to see more of Flix and Orka, as I’ve enjoyed the times we’ve seen of them – which has been very little this season. So it’s nice to get an episode that heavily featured them, and in particular focused on Flix and his family.

And ultimately, this episode taught some important lessons about believing others and respecting the environment. Flix’s cousin didn’t believe him, and he thought that he could just do whatever he wanted to the planet through his drilling without any repercussions. It’s best to take care of one’s planet before it becomes irreversible or before it costs you your life. That’s what Flix’s cousin did, resolving to no longer harm the dragons through their drilling for fuel.

So overall, I thought this was a fine episode. It was nice to see Flix and Orka again, there were some positive lessons learned, there was some excitement with the dragon, and it tied into the overall story by way of providing fuel for the Colossus.

My grade: 7.5/10

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