People on the internet would do well to listen to Freddie Prinze Jr.’s informational rant about Star Wars

Freddie Prinze Jr. gave life and voice to the popular and wise Jedi Kanan Jarrus in the animated Star Wars TV series Star Wars Rebels, and that meant he got to work for four seasons with Dave Filoni, exploring more of the Force.

Rebels dove deeper into the nature of the Force, and the only one more qualified to do that on the planet than Dave Filoni is George Lucas. In fact, Filoni was the apprentice to Lucas on The Clone Wars, which means that Filoni more than perhaps anyone ‘gets’ Star Wars on a deeper level.

So working with Filoni to bring life to this popular Jedi surely helped Prinze understand the Force better, and in a recent rant on a podcast, Prinze showed that he does indeed get the Force better than most people – especially those on the internet.

That’s not exactly a high bar, but Prinze’s rant is absolutely fantastic and worth listening to. You can catch it below, although be warned – there’s a lot of language, as Prinze drops many f-bombs. But if you can get past that language, this two-plus minute clip does such a good job of explaining the basic beats of Star Wars and the Force – including one very important idea: Star Wars is for kids.

Hopefully people on the internet actually pay attention to that, because Prinze lays out wonderfully the themes of Star Wars and the Force – and even pulls in a reference to the recent canon novel “Master and Apprentice” too. So he’s drawing on information in the films, in other canon material, and from Dave Filoni to make his point, and he’s absolutely right. Star Wars is indeed for kids, Star Wars is mythology, and many people actually misunderstand Star Wars.

But if you want to begin to understand it better, take a listen to that video.

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