Timothy Zahn is writing a new Thrawn trilogy!

Thrawn is back!

The fan favorite Imperial Grand Admiral, who was first introduced in Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire in 1991, was brought back into canon by Lucasfilm with the TV series Star Wars Rebels, which was accompanied by a brand new Thrawn trilogy by Zahn. That trilogy – set before the events of A New Hope – explored Thrawn’s beginnings with the Empire, but also delved more into the Chiss Ascendency.

The trilogy wrapped up this past summer, and that left us wondering whether we’d get any more about Thrawn anytime soon. The answer, thankfully, is yes!

On Friday at New York Comic Con several new projects were announced, including a new Thrawn trilogy from Timothy Zahn. The first book of The Ascendancy Trilogy will release in May 2020, and it will explore more of the origins of Thrawn and the Chiss Ascendancy.

Given that description, plus the fact that right after the events of the most recent Thrawn book the Grand Admiral was whisked away to the Unknown Regions (in Rebels), I assume that this trilogy will likely take place before Thrawn joins the Empire. If we’re going to learn more about the origins of Thrawn, we’re probably going to be jumping back in time.

Perhaps the most exciting thing, though, is that we’ll be finding out more about the Chiss Ascendancy. We got an increasing amount of content in the most recent Thrawn novel, and I’m hoping that we’ll continue to see the Ascendancy in action as well as learn more about it. It sounds like that’s exactly what will happen, so I can’t wait!

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