Report details rumored opening scene for The Rise of Skywalker that sounds really cool

If the title of this article didn’t give it away, this article will focus on a pretty significant scene in The Rise of Skywalker that has been reported by a reputable source.

So while this is still just a report, again, it is very possible that SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. So don’t read any further if you don’t want to have a potentially significant moment spoiled.

This would probably be a really cool moment to be surprised by in the theaters, but if you love spoilers, then keep on reading.

Ok, so again, nothing official here, but this report comes from Making Star Wars’s Jason Ward, who has gotten plenty of things right in the past. He recently released a video on what to expect from the opening sequence of The Rise of Skywalker, as told to him by sources.

According to Ward, the film begins just like any other Star Wars movie, panning from space after the opening crawl and then being taken down toward a planet covered in trees. We then see two people dueling with lightsabers, wearing white helmets with visors to cover up their faces. They soon cease dueling and remove their helmets, revealing Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa – looking just as they did in Return of the Jedi. Ward says that he is told the reason the two stop this training session is because Luke senses something has changed with Leia, and she confides in him that she is pregnant. After this happens, we hear a voiceover calling, “Master Leia,” snapping us back to the present-day as Rey trains with Leia on a planet covered in trees. As Ward puts it in the description of the video, “If this rumor is accurate in the way I’ve heard it described, it sets the tone of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hard and fast. This movie is about saving Ben Solo and bringing Rey into the fold.”

I absolutely LOVE this idea of an opening sequence for the film. There are several reasons why I think this would work really well. (1) Obviously, it would be something really cool to see that would get fans super excited right from the start. Can you imagine not expecting it and then seeing the two take off their helmets? Leia using a lightsaber? That’s awesome! That’s what we dreamed about for many years before we got the sequel trilogy. (2) It would presumably explain why Leia didn’t pursue further Jedi training, while also explaining (to those who for some reason insist it can’t just be because of her bloodline) why she can use the Force. The implication given with Ward’s report is that the birth of Ben caused her to stop her own Jedi training. (3) As Ward also notes, this begins the film on absolutely the right note. It’s a film about the Skywalkers, and we open with Luke and Leia training, but it’s mainly a movie about Ben Solo (and Rey, of course). To begin with our two beloved heroes, and then to see Luke learning of Ben’s conception, would be a tremendous way to kick off the story of what will very likely be Ben’s redemption. (4) It also provides a great transition to the present day, with Rey training with “Master Leia”. I love that Leia would be the one picking up Rey’s training in the wake of Luke Skywalker’s death. This sounds like a very seamless way of transitioning things, too.

Of course, you may be wondering how they can pull this off, since they likely don’t have that footage already filmed of Carrie Fisher. But I’ve long wondered whether we’ll actually get more of Leia than Fisher actually filmed, and I’d be ok with that. Ward has previously mentioned that he heard Billie Lourd (Fisher’s daughter) stood in for Leia in some scenes, and then some CGI work was done. That’s fine, to me. But either way, this process of de-aging actors would have required CGI work no matter who it was, so that’s not a huge deal regardless of what happens with the rest of the film.

We’ll have to see how the movie ends up opening, but this is a respected outlet reporting on the opening of the film, and I absolutely love it. I get super excited just thinking about how cool it could be to actually see this happening. We’d jump right in to the story of the Skywalkers with a really cool and cheer-inducing moment that sets the stage both for the training of Rey and the redemption of Ben.

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