In The Mandalorian, IG-11 often gets mistaken for IG-88

In The Mandalorian, there is an IG droid that causes trouble.

There was a report that IG-88 would be in the show, and when Jon Favreau posted an image of an IG droid, fans immediately presumed that it was the iconic bounty hunter. But it sounds like that isn’t the case.

Instead, the IG droid seen in the trailer for The Mandalorian is known as IG-11. It appears that he is working with the Mandalorian, and at one point we saw him twirling around and firing his blasters in a pretty epic move that took out the surrounding enemies.

But one little tidbit about IG-11 from Entertainment Weekly that I just love is this:

Often gets mistaken for the famous IG-88 in the show (just as fans watching the trailer have mistaken him for IG-88 in real life).

So in the show, this droid will be mistaken for IG-88 just like we already have. And that will provide the opportunity for a lot of humorous moments, presumably when actions of IG-88 are erroneously attributed to IG-11. So if IG-88 really isn’t in this show at all, this will provide a very reasonable and hilarious reason why to make this a new IG droid.

I’m sure that some fans will be frustrated by the fact that we have a show that features a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor who isn’t Boba Fett, an IG bounty hunter droid that isn’t IG-88, and Trandoshans who aren’t Bossk, but I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable and understandable reason story-wise why they aren’t in this show and why they are brand new characters. And part of that reason with IG-11 will be that it’s a chance to drum up some humor in what, by the looks of it, is a darker, more serious show.

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