Jon Favreau seemingly confirms that IG-88 will appear in The Mandalorian!

Last week, Making Star Wars reported that IG-88 will appear in The Mandalorian, and on Christmas Jon Favreau shared a gift with fans that seemingly confirmed that report, as he shared an image of the assassin droid on Instagram:

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Merry Christmas!

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IG-88 first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back as one of the many bounty hunters called in by Darth Vader to hunt the Millennium Falcon.  IG-88 obviously wasn’t the first one to find the ship (that was Boba Fett), but he along with the other bounty hunters on that Star Destroyer became fan favorites.  He appeared in many legends stories, and has also appeared in canon material as well, perhaps most notably in Forces of Destiny.  Importantly, IG-88 also appeared in the Star Wars Adventures comic after the Battle of Takodana, meaning that he’s still alive during the sequel trilogy era.

That latest tidbit gives us some insight into what the droid’s fate will be in The Mandalorian, but beyond that there are a ton of things that could happen, and I’m super pumped to see IG-88 in action on-screen in live-action!  That will be awesome!

This is just the latest in many now confirmed reports by Making Star Wars, and I’m hoping that their other (less concrete) report is also true: that Bossk will also be making an appearance in the show!

But anyway, as I’ve long said, this show seems to be doing absolutely everything possible to be a massive hit.  I can’t wait!

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