Star Wars Resistance nominated for Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Program!

Some exciting news dropped today, as it was announced that Star Wars Resistance was nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Program!

Also nominated in the category are A Series of Unfortunate Events, Carmen Sandiego, Song of Parkland, and When You Wish Upon a Pickle: A Sesame Street Special. The Emmy awards will be announced on September 14, 2019.

This is a very cool nod for the showrunners of Resistance, and it’s very well deserved. Dave Filoni, Brandon Auman, Athena Yvette Portillo, and Justin Ridge served as executive producers on the show, and they turned in an absolutely fantastic product. As I’ve said for a while, Resistance is a fantastic show, and Star Wars fans who haven’t yet given it a chance are seriously missing out. For as much as I love The Clone Wars and Rebels, I actually think that Resistance might have had the best and most coordinated first season, as it all contributed to telling one legit story. It was great.

So I’m really happy that it’s getting this recognition, and I hope it wins. Either way, though, I’m hoping that this will cause some more fans to give it a chance. And now is a great time to do so too, since we’re excited for season two dropping this fall.

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