New trailer for The Clone Wars season 7 shows a glimpse of Ahsoka vs. Maul!

On Sunday at the panel for the seventh season of The Clone Wars, Dave Filoni treated fans to three clips and a trailer from the upcoming final season of the popular show.

We’ll do a full breakdown of the trailer soon, but for now, I highly recommend watching it!  Unfortunately Lucasfilm hasn’t posted an official version of it yet, but they were kind enough to at least allow it to be aired on the live stream.  So you can definitely catch it on the live stream of the panel (the trailer is at the very end), or you can catch just the trailer uploaded by other parties separately, such as the video below.  Again, the quality isn’t perfect because it was picked up over the stream, but it’s still awesome enough.

The trailer is quite awesome and emotional throughout, but the biggest highlight for many comes at the end, when we finally catch a glimpse of the Siege of Mandalore and Ahsoka facing off against Maul.  That’s the true ending of The Clone Wars that Dave Filoni never got a chance to tell before, and we’ve been waiting a long time to see it.  We catch just a glimpse of it here, but it’s definitely enough to raise the excitement level even more!

I can’t wait for The Clone Wars to be finished properly, with twelve episodes of the seventh and final season.  We don’t have an exact release date for it yet, but it’s expected to be released within the first year of Disney+, which launches on November 12.

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