Yoda will be at Galaxy’s Edge in some way, voiced by Frank Oz!

We didn’t get many details about how it’s going to happen, but today at the Galaxy’s Edge panel at Star Wars Celebration it was revealed that Yoda will have a presence in the park, once again voiced by Frank Oz.

The impression given was that it will be through the Force somehow, as that’s a way to bring Jedi back.  So I wonder if they’ve figured out how to do the holographic technology enough to make a Force ghost?  If that’s the case, though, how will they explain that since we won’t be Jedi?  So it’s also possible that it could be through the holocrons that will be in the park, as perhaps one of them has a message from Yoda?

We don’t know, but we do now know that Yoda will be in the park.  And that’s pretty cool!

Additionally, the creative executives behind Galaxy’s Edge discussed bringing back other original voice actors, including for Hondo Ohnaka, Nien Nunb, and RX-24!

Not a whole lot of new information was revealed about the park in the panel, but we did get updated looks at some things.  Also, there will be Coke in the park, and we got a glimpse at some of the music we’ll hear:

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