An allegedly leaked poster for Star Wars: Episode IX confirms many things that have been reported

We’re only a couple of weeks away from Star Wars Celebration, where we’ll almost certainly be getting the title, trailer, and poster for Star Wars: Episode IX!  So there’s not much longer for us to wait – but in the meantime, some things may have leaked.

A poster for Episode IX may have leaked online on Wednesday, while an image of several key characters from the film also appears to have leaked.

Even though all of this seems to be promotional stuff that will become super familiar way before the film ever comes out, if you don’t want to see any sort of leaks or spoilers, don’t read any further! 

So the poster apparently leaked, and this is what it looks like.  It contains several really cool things to note.

ix poster?

Now, admittedly, there are a few things about the poster that seem a bit off, but this would be an incredibly elaborate fake using some images we’ve never seen before, so I very much assume that this is real.  However, I also very much assume that this is a promotional poster rather than the official one that will be released by Lucasfilm.  These promotional posters aren’t uncommon for movies and they’ve been used for Star Wars films, used for stores or other merchandisers to display for promotional stuff.  The look of this poster really gives that feel too.  So I think that this is probably real, but that it probably isn’t the ‘official’ poster either. The poster does confirm many things of significance that we’ve heard so far, though.

(1) First, Rey looks amazing, and I love the all-white look that really feels elegant and fitting and awesome.  She looks fantastic.

(2) Second, note Kylo Ren’s repaired helmet, as you can see the red crystalline stuff used to repair it.  I have no idea if this is what the final version of it will look like, but I think it looks fine here.

(3) Third, the Knights of Ren!  We’ve long heard reports that they would be in the film, and here they are on the poster!  But it sounds like it might not be the completely finalized version of them.

(4) Fourth, we see the red stormtroopers that have been reported (they line the bottom of this poster).  They don’t look much different than regular stormtroopers, but again, it might not be their final version.

(5) Fifth, there looks to be a glimpse of a new TIE Fighter, shown in the bottom right corner with pointed wings.

(6) Sixth, there are several different Resistance ships, as we see an X-Wing, an A-Wing, and a Y-Wing (as well as the Millennium Falcon, obviously) – so it’s pretty exciting that we’ll be getting these classic ships.

(7) Seventh, there’s a look at a brand new alien we haven’t seen before, who is standing next to Finn on the left side of the poster.  Apparently this is just a digital version of him and not the version on set, but I’m quite curious to know this alien’s role, since it apparently is at least prominent enough to make the poster!

(8) Eighth, we get a glimpse at Naomi Ackie’s character (on the right side next to Chewbacca), and we get a better look at her character in the leaked character promo pictures (which you can see below).  She is holding a bow in the image below, which is apparently her weapon of choice, and her name is listed as Jannah.

(9) Ninth, we also get a look at what we assume is Keri Russell’s character, the masked figure dressed in purple to the right side next to Poe.  It has previously been reported that she is playing a bounty hunter dressed in purple (reportedly named Zorri), so this certainly looks like it’s her.

(10) Tenth, we see C-3PO holding Chewbacca’s bowcaster, wearing Chewie’s bandolier, and holding Rey’s staff.  All of this has been reported (by Making Star Wars, as with much of this stuff), and now we get a look at it.  I think it’s a bit odd that they’d put that on the poster, but I think it’ll be pretty great and hilarious to see it on-screen (assuming, of course, that it’s not because something happens to Chewbacca, but the fact that 3PO also has Rey’s staff means that it’s probably not an indication of that).   R2-D2 is nowhere to be seen on this poster, but C-3PO plays a prominent role.  Make of that what you will.

(11) And eleventh, in the leaked character images (seen below), we get another leaked look at Lando Calrissian’s outfit, and it looks really similar to the outfit he wore in Solo – which I think would be a really nice touch, as the first and last chronological appearances of the character in films will have a bit of poetic symmetry to them.

(12) One last note is that the legacy characters – like Luke or Leia or Lando – don’t appear on this poster.  It’s Chewbacca and C-3PO, and that’s it.  I find that odd considering this is really being built up as the culmination and close of the entire Skywalker saga, but I would guess that the official poster will feature some more legacy characters.  But we’ll see.

Anyway, it’s pretty exciting to see some of these things, and I can’t wait until Celebration when we’ll get a lot more stuff released officially!  For now, though, here’s a look at the leaked character images – including Lando!


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