Torra Doza’s parents were both veterans of the Galactic Civil War – for opposite sides

The first season of Star Wars Resistance did a terrific job of developing characters, and that largely meant the members of Team Fireball, all of whom received quite a bit of growth and characterization.

But of all the non-Fireball heroes, it was probably Torra Doza who received the most screen-time.  The teenage girl is an Ace pilot who befriends Kaz and helps him on several endeavors, but she’s also the daughter of Captain Doza, who runs the Colossus.  And as season one ends and we look forward to season two, I continue to be more and more intrigued by Torra’s parents.  Hopefully we learn more about Captain Doza in season two – and more about Torra’s mom as well.

The only tidbit of information that we have about Torra’s mom actually comes from the book “Women of the Galaxy” by Amy Ratcliffe, released last fall.  The book profiles a number of women from the Star Wars galaxy complemented with wonderful artwork, and while it doesn’t exactly give us a ton of new information, it does give some pretty great profiles.  But one thing that was revealed in the book is a tiny little line in the chapter on Torra Doza:

“That her mother was once a pilot for the Rebellion helps fuel Torra’s love of flying.  She also wants to impress her father, Captain Doza, the owner of Colossus.”

We have not met Torra’s mother, but she apparently was a pilot for the Rebellion – meaning that she actually fought for the opposite side in the Galactic Civil War as her future husband, Imanuel Doza.  That’s a story ripe for being told, and I’m hoping that we’ll get more information about their relationship in season two (I’m assuming something happened to Torra’s mother, but hopefully we’ll find out more info).

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 8.53.41 PM.png

I also think that we got a hint into that when we heard of Doza talking about leaving the Empire (he was a captain in the Empire around the time of Return of the Jedi).  In the episode, “The New Trooper,” Commander Pyre asks Doza about why he left the Empire.  Doza explains:

“Ultimately it came down to a personal choice.  Though I wouldn’t expect you to understand, even if I explained why, Pyre.”

It was a personal choice by Doza, and the creators of the show explained that he came to see the evils of the Empire.  I can’t help but wonder, however, whether the personal nature of that choice involved this female Rebellion pilot?  Torra Doza is only 15 years old at the time of Resistance, meaning that she wasn’t born until many years after the Battle of Endor, so it’s not necessarily mandated that Captain Doza knew this Rebellion pilot before leaving the Empire.  But I find it very possible, and it’d be a plausible reason for him coming to realize the evils of the Empire he served.

I’m excited to learn more about the Dozas, and I love how this show has featured people who fought on both sides of the Civil War working together.  This is most prominent in the relationship between Jarek Yeager (a veteran of the Rebellion) and Imanuel Doza (a veteran of the Empire), and they are friends and work together – particularly toward the end of the first season.  I love seeing that, and apparently that kind of relationship is also true of Torra’s parents, as her mother fought for the Rebellion and her father fought for the Empire.  Hopefully we’ll hear more stories about that in the second season.

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