A new game mode is coming to Battlefront II next week

Before Star Wars Battlefront II even released, it was hit with a mass of controversy over loot boxes and progression as fans were furious.  That hurt the game significantly at launch, and in many ways they’ve been trying to recover ever since.

But the game has done a great job at rebuilding its reputation.  It had a story mode upon release that was generally well-received, and the gameplay is for the most part good.  It offered more characters and maps than its predecessor, and all ensuing DLCs have been free.  They have released new characters (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, and General Grievous), new maps (Geonosis and Kessel), new modes (like Ewok Hunt!), and so on and so forth.  The game is really quite fun.

One of the biggest complaints about Battlefront II – and the previous Battlefront game before it – however, has been more about what it’s not than what it is.  Namely, people miss the conquest mode of the previous game (the 2005 version), they miss the gameplay of conquering enemy posts, they miss the offline ability to play offline co-op, etc.  So that’s why the update coming for Battlefront II next week is so important: they’re bringing a mode that sounds somewhat similar.

In a recent post on their forums, the Battlefront II team detailed what this new game mode, entitled “Capital Supremacy,” will entail.

Basically, the mode is a 20-v-20 battle (that actually at times is 32-v-32 with 12 AI players for each side) in which players battle to take control of command posts on the ground.  Once they do this, they will earn enough tickets to launch an assault on the enemy capital ship.  They will board the ship and you must set charges in order to destroy the ship.  If you fail, you are returned to the ground and must go through capturing the command posts again.  So basically, the game is about which team can be the first to destroy the enemy capital ship.  The mode will only allow prequel-era heroes, but it will also introduce new reinforcements: the ARC Trooper and the BX Commando Droid.

The mode will launch on Tuesday, March 26, and will initially only be available on one map – a new Geonosis map.

I’m super excited for this mode and have been since it was announced a year ago, as it sounds like it’s getting closer to a conquest-like mode that fans have been wanting.  The ability to capture command posts is very much in line with what many fans will remember, and it’ll be pretty cool to be able to board and fight on capital ships (though I wish they integrated an in-between aspect of piloting ships into the hangar, but that’s ok).  I’ve been saying for a while that if this game mode goes well and fans love it, it not only could help give the game some newer and longer life but may also be a positive sign for the future of Star Wars gaming, assuming EA actually can keep making games.

So I’m concerned about this only being available on one map initially, because I really, really want the initial release of this to go well.  To work on this mode for about a year to wind up only having one map upon release is pretty disappointing – though it seems there have been hints from the developers that more maps may be coming.

I can’t wait to play this mode, however, and I’m super hopeful that it will be a big and positive step forward for a game that has, right or wrong, been trying to rebuild its reputation since the start.  I love the game for what it is right now, but this new mode has me excited about what it may bring as well.

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