Several reference photos from Star Wars: Episode IX leak!

Some pretty exciting stuff regarding Star Wars: Episode IX has recently been leaking, and on Friday night several images of concept art and reference photos were leaked on Reddit!

Moderator JediPaxis on the Star Wars Leaks subreddit was able to obtain these images from a trusted source who wished to remain anonymous (for good reason!).  He then posted them, along with a reference guide to tell viewers what they were seeing with these pictures.

I imagine that many won’t want to see images like this until after the film has released, and while there are no plot spoilers, there are a couple of significant character-related spoilers.  So if you don’t want any spoilers or leaks or rumors or reports or anything of that matter, don’t read any further!

This is the image obtained by JediPaxis, just without the guide to which the letters correspond.  If you want to see that, head to the original post here.  In this article I’ll point out just a few things of particular significance, in my opinion.


Alright, so I’ll just go ahead and comment on a few of these:

  • Probably the image most fans will be especially delighted to see is image O, of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian!  It’s absolutely awesome to see Williams back in live action, and you’ll note that his yellow shirt both matches the description given recently by Making Star Wars and is similar to the one Donald Glover wore in Solo: A Star Wars Story.  That’s a nice bit of connection.  So again, nothing really new here, but it’s really cool to see it.
  • We also get looks at the outfits for Rey (image H), Kylo Ren (image I), and Poe Dameron (image K) in Episode IX.  None of these outfits are very dissimilar to what we’ve seen from the characters already.  Rey has a cleaner, whiter look, and I think that actually fits really well with her progression as a Jedi.  Kylo is back to his mask with his cape, but I’m confident he won’t be wearing the mask for the whole movie (Adam Driver is too brilliant to cover his face during the whole thing, especially in the final film of the saga which figures to feature him so prominently, and after he absolutely starred in TLJ).  And then Poe is probably looking the most different of them all, but a big reason why is simply because he doesn’t have a jacket (which, like Kylo, could change throughout the film).  This looks to be the same outfit we saw Oscar Isaac wearing in those leaked set pictures several months ago, though, so nothing really new.
  • Regarding Kylo’s mask, we see concept art (image J) of the repaired product.  Once again, this fits with what we’ve heard Making Star Wars report, as it appears as if Kylo’s mask has been repaired with a red crystal-like substance.  It should be noted that it doesn’t look like the image of Kylo in image I has this repaired mask (though it’s hard to tell), but this concept art at least suggests that it’s what we might see in the film.
  • We also get our very first look at Richard Grant (image C) and Dominic Monaghan (image E), and perhaps more significantly, we seemingly get confirmation regarding who they’re playing.  Grant is described as a First Order officer, while Monaghan is described as a Resistance officer.  To be honest, this actually fits perfectly with what fans have speculated since the two have been cast, but it’s still nice to see that seemingly confirmed by these images.  So there you have it: Grant is likely playing a First Order officer, while Monaghan is likely playing a Resistance officer.
  • The rest of the images make up a variety of creatures and droids, including a ton of new designs and some familiar ones (note a young Mon Calamari in image G).

Keep in mind that this is still considered a leak and therefore not official confirmation of anything, so take things with a grain of salt just like any report.  But these images corroborate things we’ve already heard reported and certainly look the part, so they’re believable.  But just keep all of that in mind.

Ultimately, it’s exciting to see some of these leaked reference images for Episode IX, and it makes me all the more excited to actually see it all on the screen this December!





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