Ludwig Göransson will compose score for The Mandalorian!

Lucasfilm announced today that Ludwig Göransson will write and score the music for The Mandalorian!

Göransson is perhaps best-known for his work as the composer of Black Panther‘s score, which has already earned him nominations for the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, but he has also composed the scores for other recent films including Creed, Creed II, and Venom.  He has also worked on TV scores including Community, and is a producer who frequently works with Childish Gambino.  He has had a massively successful year, scoring Black Panther, Creed II, and Venom while producing Gambino’s incredibly popular hit “This Is America.”  Now, he’ll begin a venture into the galaxy far, far away.

“Words fail to express how surreal and humbling it feels to be invited into the Star Wars universe,” Göransson said in a statement released by  “I am deeply grateful to Jon Favreau and Disney for this opportunity and to John Williams for raising the bar so high with his iconic, intrepid scores — they will never be matched.  In these next months I hope to honor the tradition of Star Wars’ musical landscape while propelling The Mandalorian into new and unchartered territory.  And I will try to remember that there is no try.”

The Mandalorian is, of course, the first ever live-action Star Wars TV show, and it will be coming in late 2019 to Disney+, the new streaming service being launched by the company.  Everything we’ve been hearing about the show sounds incredibly promising, and they have certainly pulled out all the stops in putting together an incredibly impressive cast and crew.  From showrunner Dave Filoni to the directors and producers who are attached to the project, to the cast that has been announced, to the effects people rumored to be involved in some groundbreaking ways, and now to Göransson, Lucasfilm is putting a ton of effort into this show and is essentially treating it like a feature film.  That’s incredibly good news, and it should lead to a very high-quality project.  I’m super excited for it, and everything we’ve heard so far suggests that we certainly have reason to be!

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