Mark Hamill still has yet to do most of his scenes for Star Wars: Episode IX

Hamill, who gave a career-best performance as one of the most iconic characters in movie history in The Last Jedi, recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he has yet to film most of his scenes for Star Wars: Episode IX, though he was on set for a week previously.

The actor said that he’s yet to do most of his stuff for Episode IX and will film those while he’s also working on Knightfall, a new series Hamill has joined.  I find that very interesting, especially since Hamill already has spent a week on the set of Episode IX.  It is certainly possible that the week Hamill spent on set was just hanging out, but the best guess is that he was doing some sort of filming.  Generally, you’d probably think that in a week’s time a couple of scenes could be filmed, so the fact that Hamill says he still has yet to do most of his stuff for IX means that perhaps he’s got a significant role.  He surely won’t have the amount of screentime that he had in The Last Jedi, but this sounds like he might have several scenes in Episode IX, and regardless of what they are, I am sure that they will be among the most significant in the film.

He almost certainly will appear as a Force ghost, and it’s quite possible that he could also appear in some flashback sequences as well.  Both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi have used flashback-style scenes, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we get some more in Episode IX.  My personal hope is that Harrison Ford would return for a secret cameo flashback with Hamill, but we’ll have to see.  Regardless, though, I think that Luke will continue to prove a mentor for Rey (and probably in more ways than he even was in TLJ), and that he will be a key influence in Ben Solo’s life as well.  Given Luke’s words to his nephew at the end of TLJ (“see you around, kid”), I imagine that Luke certainly will speak with Ben Solo again.  If there is going to be a redemption for Solo, it wouldn’t at all surprise me if Luke plays a part in it.  But just sitting here speculating on what scenes Luke Skywalker may have in Episode IX is quite exciting, and given the fact that Hamill has yet to film most of them, it has me wondering just how much he’ll be doing and what they’ll be!  Luke Skywalker, perhaps the greatest Jedi there has ever been, has become more powerful than we can possibly imagine.  And that’s super exciting to think about when approaching IX.

Hamill also discussed the secrecy of Episode IX‘s script, too, revealing that it is printed on dark red pages (to prevent photocopying) and that it is flown over by a representative of Lucasfilm, who stays with the script until the actor has read it and then flies it back.  Hamill said that he was able to keep the script of TLJ while he was filming, but this is another level of secrecy.  That tells you how serious Lucasfilm is about preventing leaks, and though it makes things a bit more difficult on the actors (especially those like Hamill who are used to doing things a different way), the intentions are good: to keep fans from having the movie spoiled by leaks.

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