Star Wars Resistance: “Secrets and Holograms” review

In episode nine of season one of Star Wars: Resistance, we get an episode focused more on Torra Doza as Kazuda Xiono continues his mission to spy on Captain Doza and figure out what he’s up to with the First Order.

It’s not the most exciting episode, but it does give us some very interesting and important elements plot-wise that I am sure will prove to be quite significant.

With that said, let’s jump in to our review of this week’s episode, “Secrets and Holograms.”


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Torra Doza spends time in her room playing Flight Simulator games, but she is fed up with having to stay in her room all the time.  She talks to her father about it, wanting to get out of the tower for a bit, but her father doesn’t want her to be around when the First Order is.  Captain Doza wants to protect his daughter from the First Order, but she just wants to get out of the tower and have some fun.  So she is able to get away from her father’s droid (commissioned to keep her in her room for a few hours), and she escapes the tower.  She runs into Kazuda Xiono, who is trying to get into the tower so that he can figure out what Captain Doza is up to with the First Order.  They spend some time in the market, but many of the merchants begin questioning Torra about what her father is up to.  Kaz helps her get away from that situation, and he ultimately uses their friendship to convince Torra to let him play the Flight Simulator games with her, thus getting him into the tower.  The First Order, meanwhile, arrives, with Commander Pyre meeting with Captain Doza to go over the First Order’s proposal.

Torra and Kaz sneak into the tower and come to an even nicer Aces lounge than we’ve seen previously, and there Kaz runs into Jace Rucklin – who is now working a side job serving the Aces so that he can pay for a new ship, and he still clearly holds a grudge against Kaz and blames him for ruining the previous ship.  Kaz and Torra head to her room to play the Flight Simulator game, but are interrupted by Captain Doza’s droid.  The droid notices BB-8 and thinks the droid is an intruder, but thanks to some quick thinking by Torra and then by BB-8, Kaz and the droid are able to escape.  He had previously spied on Pyre giving Doza the proposal, and he knew that the proposal was in Doza’s office and that Doza was seeing the First ORder out.  So BB-8 helps Kaz break into Doza’s office… but they’re spotted by Rucklin.  As Kaz is in Doza’s office searching for and then copying the proposal, Rucklin alerts Doza that someone broke into the office.  Kaz is forced to hide in Doza’s closet… right next to the Captain’s old Imperial outfit!  When Rucklin frantically tries to find the spy to prove himself right, Doza forbids him from opening that closet, saying that it was private.  Rucklin leaves, but before Doza can open the closet Torra arrives to convince her father to speak with the Aces.

BB-8 and Kaz escape when the coast is clear, but Torra finds them.  She is very suspicious of Kaz, but she helps him escape.  They take a secret way out, but it turns out to be through the trash incinerator, leading to a chaotic rush to try to escape before they are incinerated.  They do so, and Torra reveals to Kaz that her father knows Kaz used to be in the New Republic, so she asks him if he’s a spy.  Kaz laughs it off awkwardly and says that he left the navy to become a racer.  That answer doesn’t convince Torra, however, and as she’s back in the tower (getting ready to go out on a hover cruise with her father like he promised her), she openly wonders who Kazuda Xiono really is.


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To be honest, this episode wasn’t really the most entertaining, but it seems to be very important for the furtherance of the overall plot.

It was a fairly lighthearted episode, and the bulk of the tension in the plot revolved around Kaz’s attempts to steal the data from Doza’s office.  That provided some tension – as to whether he would be caught or not – but that was about it (since their fates never really seemed in doubt in the trash incinerator).  Additionally, Doza’s guard droids seem to really stink at their jobs, since there’s a whole lot of sneaking around and spying going on in the hallways under their watch.  So in other words, as far as entertainment value goes, this episode was fine but nothing special.

However, far more important are some of the things that came up that I am sure will be very relevant moving forward.  There is certainly tension building between the Dozas and Kaz, as Torra and her father have both now separately wondered who Kaz is, while Kaz believes Torra’s father to be in league with the First Order.  More than that, though, we know that Captain Doza has learned that Kaz used to be in the New Republic military, and we know that Torra has figured that out too.  What we don’t know, however, is how that is perceived by Captain Doza and his daughter.  We don’t know whether that’s seen as a positive, a negative, or something neutral, but it’s clear that the information leads Torra to think Kaz might be a spy.  Is that because they just don’t have much dealings with the New Republic, or are there other reasons why she might jump to that conclusion?

Two can play at that game, however, and Kaz learns something in this episode about Captain Doza’s past, too: he used to be in the Empire.  Kaz finds his old Imperial officer outfit in his closet, and for the young Resistance spy this connects all the dots: Doza is a former Imperial who now serves the First Order.  However, I’m not convinced that Kaz’s interpretation is entirely correct, mostly because we’ve seen that Doza doesn’t really trust the First Order either; he seemingly just tolerates them, and is wary about entering into an agreement with them.  And Doza doesn’t want people to know he used to be in the Empire – since he doesn’t let Rucklin look in that closet – which could suggest that he’s ashamed of it, or at least doesn’t want it to become widely known for publicity reasons.  I do really like that aspect of this show: there are people who used to serve in the Rebellion (like Yeager) and people who used to serve in the Empire (like Doza) who are living together on this station.  More than that, Yeager and Doza seem to have a friendly relationship (though do they know each other’s past?).  I like that, three decades after the fall of the Empire, people who served both sides are living normal lives and trying to just blend in.

Thanks to his spying, though, Kaz has plenty to report back to Poe Dameron and the Resistance about what’s happening on the Colossus.  Kaz presumes that Doza is in league with the First Order and knows that he used to be in the Empire, but what Kaz does know for sure is that Doza and the First Order are in discussions about a deal that would end the pirate attacks, but would send stormtroopers to the station.  That’s significant, and I’m anxious to see what happens moving forward with those details.

So in other words, my take on this episode is that it’s probably quite necessary, but it’s not the most exciting or entertaining.  Especially in the first half of the first season of a show like this, we’re going to have to get plenty of development of the characters and of the storylines.  That’s why I liked to see a significant focus on Torra in this episode, as we learn that she wants to get out of the tower every so often but is being ‘protected’ by her father, and we learn that she is friends with Kaz but is also suspicious of him.  I liked that we got an episode largely focused on Torra that still managed to advance the plot in a significant way.

And with the appearance of Rucklin, I think it should remind the viewer that the storylines being developed now always pay off immediately.  For example, the early episode “Fuel for the Fire” wasn’t all that entertaining, but we have now seen the plot lines of that episode pay off and continue in significant ways the last two weeks.  I am totally confident that the same thing will happen with this episode.  Down the road, I think we’ll see the significance of this episode show up and pay off in a big way.  Kaz is on to Doza, and the Dozas are on to Kaz.  I’m sure things might get very interesting pretty soon.

My grade: 7.7/10

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