Star Wars Resistance: “Synara’s Score” review

This week’s episode of Star Wars: Resistance immediately picked up on plot lines from last week’s episode, where Poe Dameron and Kazuda Xiono rescued someone they (stupidly and wrongly) assumed was an innocent victim of a pirate attack.

Instead, it turned out to be Synara San, who was in league with the pirates.  They brought her back to the Colossus, where she essentially was able to serve as an inside spy for the pirates.  We knew that would pay off at some point, and it did in the very next episode (which is appreciated, from a viewer’s standpoint).

Let’s take a look at this week’s very action-packed payoff.



The episode begins with Yeager’s crew hard at work trying to repair the defense canons for the Colossus.  Captain Doza informs Yeager that he must have those canons operational to defend against any pirate attacks, and that he’ll be sending the aces out for a supply mission – thus leaving the station defenseless without the canons.  As Team Fireball is working on it, however, they realize that they will need a new tri-tracker chip – a very rare part that is essential to the fix.  Yeager sends Tam and Kaz out to try to find another one, while ordering Neeku to stay quiet and keep working, reminding everyone that this job is top-secret.  Tam and Kaz first try Flix and Orka, who mock Kaz’s naivety in thinking they would have such a rare part.  They say that only scavengers might have it, but maybe not even then.  Kaz gets an idea, and he and Tam go to visit Synara.  She has just one tri-tracker chip left, and grows suspicious as to why they might need it.  This leads her to monitor the canons and contact Kragen and the pirates, informing them that the auto-defense canons aren’t working.  Kragen orders her to get confirmation while he begins preparations.

Synara visits Team Fireball to try to get confirmation, bringing them some parts as a favor.  Tam manages to get her out of the hanger by offering to buy lunch, and Tam and Synara strike up a friendship.  Tam explains that her father was a racer, and she wanted to be a racer but lost her ship and the race and is trying to earn money to fly again.  As they are talking, the aces are deployed, sending Tam rushing back to fix the canons and Synara contacting Kragen with confirmation.  While Yeager, Tam, Kaz, and Neeku work to fix the canon, a pirate attack happens.  Tam rushes off to help Synara (Kaz sends BB-8 with her), while Yeager and Kaz rush to get the part installed on the canon.  Yeager flies his speeder with Kaz and the part in tow, but when they get up to the canon the pirates see them and attack.  While Yeager fights them off, Kaz gets to work trying to install the part – having to take out a pirate first to do so.  Meanwhile, Tam fights off a number of pirates (with BB-8’s help) and reunites with Synara (who takes out a pirate who is just about to blow her cover).  Synara is surprised that Tam would come to help her, but Tam tells her that’s what friends are for.  Kaz finally manages to get it installed, and Captain Doza activates them, repelling the pirate attack.

Yeager tells Kaz that he did good work, but also tells him that he’s not the only spy on the station while openly wondering how the pirates knew to attack when the aces left.  Captain Doza, meanwhile, contacts Commander Pyre to tell the First Order that he’s ready to look over the proposed agreement if it means repelling the pirate attacks, which Pyre says he’ll arrive to do in person.


Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 2.12.18 PM

It’s still a little convenient and stupid how quickly everyone (except BB-8) seems willing to trust Synara, but it’s at least nice to see Kaz admit that he doesn’t know much about her.  But this episode began to paint the picture that it’s precisely that – the loyalty and friendship – which makes Synara begin to appear more sympathetic to the heroes.  She’s a pirate, and she’s the one who gives the information to Kragen for the attack.  But the way the episode ended, it looks to be setting things up for Synara to actually become an ally to Kaz, Tam, and the others.  And one of the primary reasons for that is that Tam came back for her, showing her the kind of loyalty and friendship that to the viewer seems ill-advised and stupid, but that to Synara speaks volumes.  I’m interested in seeing how Synara’s relationship to them continues to evolve, especially perhaps once the First Order begins working closely on the station?

Speaking of the First Order, it seems that their plan is certainly working.  We know that they are partnering with the pirates to force Captain Doza to desperation, at which point he and the others on the Colossus would welcome the First Order if it meant safety and protection.  Doza has been a hard character to truly read, but he has been hesitant to accept the First Order’s deal despite tolerating their presence.  But at the end of this episode, for the first time, he truly appears willing to engage in negotiations with the First Order.  That likely will mean a larger presence for the First Order in coming episodes, which in turn will make for a much more difficult yet important job for Kaz.  And for us, the viewers, it likely will mean good things, since the First Order’s presence in this show has been done really well.

I also liked in this episode getting to learn Tam’s backstory.  Her father was a pro racer, going from one system to another, meaning that she’s not really from anywhere she could consider home.  She was working her way up and entered a race, borrowing credits with a wager against her ship… only to lose the race and her ship.  So she’s working as a mechanic until she gets enough money to buy another racer.  That reality seemed to be evident given her reaction when Kaz raced the Fireball in the first episode, but it adds more development of her character as we know that more than anything she wants to be a racer.  She really got more development in this episode than in any other one, as we not only learned her backstory but also saw her strike up a friendship with Synara, and as we saw her hold her own in a fight as she took down a couple of pirates.

One more thing that I’ll add – which was my favorite thing about the episode – was that we got more Yeager!  He has been my favorite character so far in the show and probably the one I’m most intrigued by, but he hasn’t really played much of a role in recent episodes.  That changed this time, as he was one of the major figures.  But he didn’t just show up as ‘the boss’ in this one; he helped work to make repairs and then got involved in the fight as they tried to install their fix.  We saw him fly a speeder, fire his blaster, and fight Kragen while Kaz tried to finish the installation.  Seeing Yeager in action is great, and hopefully we get plenty more of that from him moving forward.  It was also nice to see Yeager tell Kaz that he’s doing a good job.

While that was heartwarming, it’s the other thing that Yeager tells Kaz, though, that’s most interesting.  Yeager wonders suspiciously how the pirates knew to attack at just that moment, leading Kaz to ask him if he were implying that he wasn’t the only spy… to which Yeager emphatically tells Kaz that he was never the only spy on the station.  That’s interesting, and I wonder whether he means that there’s a First Order spy or just that there are other spies in general.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.  It picked up on the storyline from last week, it gave characterization to Tam, possible future direction for Synara, and our first look at Yeager in action.  It was a very action-packed episode, and the action sequences were done very well and were wonderfully animated.  And it did all of this while continuing to set up intriguing plotlines that the show will certainly pick up down the road – including probably pretty soon, with the First Order.

My grade: 8.9/10



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