Revan is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

[Editor’s Note: Don’t get too excited about Revan’s release, because he’s essentially only going to be unlocked the first time around by spending money.]

Late last Friday night, CG unleashed a puzzle on the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes community regarding the Road Ahead.

The Road Ahead post, which typically comes each quarter and discusses what the general road ahead is for the upcoming quarter, is due any time now.  So on the SWGOH forums on Friday night, a puzzle was posted that, when translated and decoded, suggests that the road ahead is coming soon and that we wouldn’t be disappointed.  It also gave a link:  That link took you to a meme essentially saying, ‘so close!’  But then, a hint was given from the Indiana Jones movie in which it is pointed out that in the Latin, Jehovah begins with an I.  So upon substituting the “i” in that link for a “j,” it spells backwards: Jedi Revan.  That link then took you to a trailer hidden in the forums that confirmed that, yes, JEDI REVAN IS COMING TO STAR WARS: GALAXY OF HEROES.

So there you have it.  One of the most popular and oft-requested characters amongst the player base will be arriving to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes sometime this quarter.

The trailer begins with the tagline, “A Legend from the Old Republic Has Emerged.”  We then see a tomb opening and a cloaked figure (Revan) standing there.  We then see the tags, “Savior Conquerer Hero Villain,” and the other three fade out to highlight “Hero.”  Then it transitions to a Terentatek, while we see Revan from behind facing him.

So what does all of this mean?  Well, the most important thing it means is that Jedi Revan will be coming to the game at some point soon.  This is important to note because many people were wondering how they would handle Revan, since after all he could be light side, dark side, or neutral/both.  The link, plus the fact that “Hero” was highlighted, seems to confirm that this version of the character will be the light side Jedi version.  If that is indeed the case, and it is differentiated as such, I would think that it almost confirms plans for another Revan at some point down the road in the future, too, so that we get both a light side Revan and a dark side Revan (kind of like with Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader).

As for the rest of the trailer, those who played Knights of the Old Republic will no doubt recognize the tomb and realize that it’s notable to Revan’s story, and will also recognize the Terentatek.  This was a beast that was incredibly difficult to face and which was especially dangerous to Force users.  So many have wondered what this has to do with Revan, and whether it might be a new raid to unlock Revan.  Hopefully we will get more clarification this week with the official Road Ahead post that will tell us how Revan is going to be unlocked.

It seems that the most popular theories are a legendary event, a Hero’s Journey event, or a new raid reward.  I could honestly see it being any of those three.  I’m guessing that they will want to make Revan’s release a really big deal, though, and I’m guessing that they’ll look for ways to try to monetize it (because not only is that what EA/CG do, but Revan is a character many will pay for).  One cool idea that I’d love to see incorporated at some point, whether with Revan or later on, is an individual raid.  That is, a raid that works much like the guild raids but is launched individually and completed by using your whole roster.  You can build multiple teams and take them into the raid.  I know there are concerns about how much added time that would require, but it would be cool to allow users to progress at their own pace toward unlocking Revan, and especially strong faction bonuses could be given to Old Republic characters to make people pay for them to help them progress faster.  You’d fight against a Terentatek in an individual raid.

I’m not sure that’s the most likely scenario here, but it’s something that I think would be cool to see.  Whatever the case, though, Revan is coming to Galaxy of Heroes, and we should get more details soon.

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