Chewbacca legendary event is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

Exciting news was announced over the past week regarding the popular Star Wars mobile game Galaxy of Heroes, as the original trilogy, Rebel Chewbacca is coming to the game as a legendary event!

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 5.01.24 PM.png

The tl;dr version of this is that it’s really, really awesome that Rebel Chewbacca is (finally) coming to the game (I had ranked him as my third-most desired character not already in the game); it’s awesome that it’ll be a legendary event rather than a marquee event; and it looks like Chewbacca is going to be a really, really awesome character as well.

Chewbacca’s kit

There’s a lot to like about Chewie’s kit (which was revealed over the weekend through Game Changers videos on Youtube, which you should check out).  He has the Attacker, Rebel, Scoundrel, and Smuggler tags, he deals significant damage, and works really well with Han Solo.

His basic ability is called “Overcharged Shot,” and with this ability Chewie deals physical damage to the target enemy and also applies tenacity down to them for two turns.

His first special ability, called “Pulverize,” does several things.  It deals physical damage to all enemies through an AOE attack and also dispels buffs from all enemies!  Additionally, this attack ignores defense, and after using it Chewie gains offense up and critical chance up.  It has a cooldown of four, though we’ll return to that – because there’s something special about it.

His second special ability, called “Furious Bowcaster,” deals physical damage to a target enemy and also stuns them for one turn, and this attack can’t be evaded.  But if this attack is dealt to an enemy with no protection, it re-sets the cooldown of “Pulverize”!  So essentially, if you use this special attack on an enemy without protection, you’ll keep “Pulverize” available to use constantly.  That’s a big deal!

His first unique ability (which has a zeta) is called “Loyal Friend,” and this is where the partnership with Han Solo really kicks in.  Chewie grants a brand new, non-dispellable buff called “Guard” to both Han Solo (the raid, OG Han Solo) and to the weakest ally.  The weakest ally is calculated as the ally with the least health plus protection).  This guard mechanic is really good and important.  Granted at the start of any encounter, guarded allies have the buff until Chewbacca is defeated, and it means that they cannot be critically hit, they are immune to daze and stun, and they gain +25% critical chance!  That’s massive!  But there’s more, too, because whenever a guarded ally uses an ability during their turn, Chewbacca assists (once per turn), dealing 20% less damage (which doesn’t really matter because of how often he’ll be attacking).  Additionally, whenever Chewbacca damages an enemy, Chewie and all guarded allies recover 3% health and 3% protection.

Finally, Chewie’s last unique (which also has a zeta) is called “Raging Wookiee,” and through this unique Chewie is immune to ability block and to cooldown increases – which essentially means that Chewie will almost always have his special abilities at his disposal to use.  Why is that?  Well, because this unique also states that whenever Chewie or a guarded ally takes damage, the cooldown of Furious Bowcaster is reduced by one.  Since it’s only on a three-turn cooldown anyway, this means that Chewie will likely have this ability at his disposal on almost every turn.  This unique ability also means that Chewie deals bonus damage on his attacks equal to 20% of the enemy’s max health, and whenever Chewie takes damage he gains +25% offense and +25% critical chance until the end of his next turn.

Alright, so I’ll try to explain this simply, breaking down a few of the important things to remember about his kit.

  1. Chewbacca can deal massive damage.  His basic attack deals tenacity down for two turns, but we also have to remember that he’ll be using this attack very often.  He’ll be using this attack whenever a guarded ally uses an ability (to assist them), and he’ll be dealing bonus damage equal to 20% of the target’s max health.  Additionally, whenever Chewie takes damage he’ll gain offense and critical chance for his next turn – so enemies who hurt Chewie will actually be making his next attack more powerful.  All of this combines to mean that, while Chewie might not be the hardest hitter in the game, he’ll be dealing massive damage.
  2. Chewbacca’s guard mechanic is really important.  Again, this ability allows Chewie to help both Han Solo and the weakest ally.  Not only does Chewie assist those allies in attacking, but he also can allow them to recover health and protection (whenever he damages an enemy) and protects them: they can’t be critically hit, stunned, or dazed, and they have +25% critical chance (meaning they’ll be more powerful attackers).  Being able to resist critical hits, stuns, and dazes is a truly huge ability in this game.
  3. Chewbacca’s cooldowns will often be reset.  One of the special and unique aspects of Chewie’s kit is that he’ll almost always have any of his abilities on hand to use.  His basic is of course always available, just like any character.  His first special has a cooldown of four, but that will be reset if his second special deals damage to an enemy without protection.  So perhaps early in matches this won’t be as easy to reset, but soon enough it will be.  His second special has a cooldown of three, but whenever Chewie or a guarded ally takes damage it is reduced by one.  So if the enemy doesn’t attack any of these three characters then this cooldown won’t be reset, but that’s not likely unless you have a taunting tank on your squad.  So the cooldowns of these two special abilities will often be resetting, giving you the ability to use them more often.  And you won’t have to worry about ability block or cooldown increases impacting your use of them, because Chewie is immune to both of those.  His kit, then, is clearly designed for you to be able to use his specials almost as frequently as you’d like.
  4. Chewbacca has a mass dispel.  Perhaps Chewbacca’s most useful attack will be with his first special, Pulverize, as it deals damage to all enemies but also dispels all buffs from enemies.  So not only is he damaging everyone, but he’s also removing all their buffs.  That’s huge, and that’s just like Darth Sion’s “Torment” ability, for instance – only perhaps able to be used more often!  Having the ability to dispel all buffs on all enemies is a hugely important mechanic for a competitive squad, and Chewie provides it.

Uses for Chewbacca

As is the case with all the other legendary characters in the game, Chewbacca is a very good character who will have a variety of uses.  First and foremost, he will likely help bring the Rebels back into the meta, at least somewhat.  Used just right, if Commander Luke Skywalker as the leader of your squad is the weakest ally, a trio of Commander Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca could deal significant damage and be hard to beat.  EA/CG recommends using CLS as lead, with Han and Chewie, as well as R2-D2 and Old Ben Kenobi.  This seems to be the best lineup for Chewbacca, at least on paper, though I suppose that you could substitute Old Ben for another tank (like General Kenobi, for instance).  The thing that, in my opinion, gives the edge to Old Ben is that under a CLS lead, Old Ben’s Rebel tag will help.  But this can certainly be arena viable, as Chewbacca has a kit that seems like a specific counter to Darth Nihilus (with the immunity to cooldown reduction and the bonus damage equal to 20% of an enemy’s max health).  This squad can seemingly beat most of them out there on paper.  I don’t suspect the meta to become completely Rebel, but I do think this will be yet another squad added to the meta category (joining Traya lead, Palpatine lead, and Bastilla lead).

Chewbacca will also be useful in other areas of the game, however, such as territory wars.  I’m not sure how useful he’ll be in the Sith Raid, but obviously he won’t hurt things.  It’s just that I don’t think his kit is necessarily tuned for that in particular, though we’ll have to see.  I suspect he’ll do just fine, but nothing special.  I’m mainly excited about Chewie’s viability in arena, however, and I’m planning to potentially switch my arena team from a Traya lead to a CLS lead to see how it goes.

How to obtain him?

Chewbacca will be a legendary event, and it will be the first legendary event in a year (which is just crazy).  This legendary event will require Bounty Hunters.  Here’s what CG_SBCrumb posted on the forums in the official announcement:

You will need any 5 Bounty Hunters to earn shards of Chewbacca from the Original Trilogy, but he won’t be an easy target to take down. This will be a very difficult event that will require well geared and modded Bounty Hunters. Luckily there’s a way to get a head start.

Two things are worth noting there: (1) you need ANY five Bounty Hunters; and (2) it will be “very difficult.”  This, of course, has people worried about just how difficult it will be.  So far, the only legendary event that has been very difficult and RNG dependent has been for Grand Admiral Thrawn, as the main difficulty of the others has been getting the characters to seven stars.  But many have feared (for good reason, given EA/CG’s history) that this event, while allowing any five Bounty Hunters, will be specifically geared to be easier with the new ones… only one of which is currently farmable (Bossk).  Hopefully that won’t be the case, but I’m not really holding out much hope for EA/CG not to do a money grab on this.  So in other words: your Bounty Hunters may need to be really, really well geared if you haven’t purchased the most recent ones.  But I’d hold off on any gearing/purchasing until the event goes live and we get a chance to see.  I’m hoarding gear that I could put on my Bounty Hunters, but won’t unless the event is too difficult.

Like any legendary character, Chewbacca will unlock at five stars.  I actually don’t expect unlocking Chewie to be too difficult, but getting him to seven stars probably will be.  We don’t know when this event will happen yet, but the best guess is that it will begin this Thursday, September 27, and will run for a week.  It’ll be back at some point in the future, though, and considering that Chewie will likely be the legendary character required for Jedi Luke Skywalker’s hero’s journey, I’d suggest focusing on Bounty Hunters if you’re not able to get him to seven stars this time.

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