First poster for Star Wars: Resistance released!

On Tuesday, Star Wars released the first poster for Star Wars: Resistance, which is coming this fall.

The poster is relatively simple, showing some of the main characters and ships with the tagline, “Some heroes stick to the plan.  Others just wing it.”  Additionally, the accompanying tweet mentioned that the show will premiere on Sunday, October 7 at 10:00 p.m. ET/Pt on Disney Channel.

For more thoughts on the time slot, keep reading.

This is nothing new, as that was also announced with the release of the first trailer.  But it has brought to the attention of some once again this curiosity: why is a kid’s show premiering at 10 p.m.?  It’s a very fair question to ask, and I don’t pretend to know for sure what the answer is.

But I do wonder if part of the thinking is that kids will likely watch these shows on the app anyway rather than live on TV.  So it’s possible that the intent with this is for the TV time to be aimed at adults for commercial targets, with kids catching it on the app at another time.  This is similar to the way Star Wars: Rebels worked too, and I would often watch that show on the app rather than live on TV.  If the intent really is to drive audiences toward watching it online, that could potentially help with acclimating viewers in anticipation of Disney’s streaming service launching next year.

Still, regardless of the thinking behind it, a show aimed at kids airing at 10:00 p.m. on a Sunday night doesn’t make the most sense.  I wonder if the time slot will be adjusted at all as the show goes on, because it seems quite odd initially.  For that matter, it’s important to note that all that has been revealed so far is the premiere date and time.  So while the assumption is that it’ll be at 10 p.m. moving forward (since, if anything, it’d make sense to move the premiere to a more primetime slot), perhaps things could change.

Anyone else have any ideas as to why the show might be premiering at 10 p.m.?

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