Star Wars: The Clone Wars is returning!

Today at San Diego Comic Con Dave Filoni and others from The Clone Wars gathered to discuss the tenth anniversary of the show, and the indications leading up to the panel were that there was going to be something special about it.  Indeed there was.

At the end of the panel, Filoni showed fans a trailer for the return of The Clone Wars!!! It is actually happening!

Here is the trailer announcing the show’s return, with the tagline of “A war left unfinished… until now.”

As I advocated a month ago, the show will be released through Disney’s direct-to-consumer service.  We don’t know when it will be released, but Filoni told the crowd that he’s really pleased with what he’s seen so far in the early stages.  He wasn’t sure whether they’d ever be able to do it again animation-wise, but he’s impressed.

Dave Filoni told that there will be 12 brand new episodes in the show’s return.  He never thought it would happen, but he’s thrilled with the opportunity to tell the final chapters of the story and finish it the right way.

In the trailer we see a bunch of Clone helmets with the voices of several clones as aerial assaults happen in the background, before it then cuts to a Clone staging ground on a planet with Anakin, Rex, and Hunter looking at the massive fleet.  It cuts to The Clone Wars title card before we see Anakin and Obi-Wan (looking very Revenge of the Sith-like) onboard a cruiser, with Anakin asking Rex what was so important that they were called back.  Anakin then sees Ahsoka and Bo-Katan in a hologram, with his former apprentice turning around and saying, “Hello Master.  It’s been a while.”

Hunter is a Clone trooper from the unfinished Bad Batch arc, and it looks like they might be finishing that arc as part of the new episodes – which would be really cool.  And of course, fans know that the ending scene in the trailer is directly hinting at the Siege of Mandalore, which was to be the conclusion of the show.  This is terrific news!  Fans have been hoping for a return of The Clone Wars for a long time, and Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm are now officially bringing it back.  It is a good day for Star Wars.

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