Star Wars live-action TV series coming in 2019!

Yesterday, it was announced that Rian Johnson is returning to the Star Wars universe to create a brand new trilogy!   And if that’s not exciting enough, there was a report from Variety that Lucasfilm will also develop a live-action Star Wars TV show that will air on Disney’s streaming service that will launch in 2019!

Many people have wanted a live-action TV show for Star Wars, and it made perfect sense to do something with Netflix like Marvel has done – until, that is, Disney announced plans for their own streaming service.  Once that happened, it seemed logical that Lucasfilm might put a show on that service, and it seems that’s what is going to happen.

It will be interesting to see whether this is the only TV show that Lucasfilm launches moving forward, as they are wrapping up Star Wars Rebels this season.  If they’re not going to be exploring further animated series for the time being, it would be cool if they could get Dave Filoni involved somehow, perhaps with this new project.

We don’t really have any details for this yet, although it seems like it might launch in 2019 with Disney’s service.  But as for content, there’s really nothing yet.  I’ve long speculated that it would make a ton of sense to do an Old Republic live action TV show, but if that’s the time period that Rian Johnson will be exploring with his trilogy then things might get tricky.  They could do it, but it’d make it a bit more interesting.  So we don’t really know what this live action series would be.  Remember, George Lucas had ideas for a live-action TV show called Star Wars: Underworld that would have been set in-between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, so it’s possible Lucasfilm could decide to pick up on some of those ideas and go that direction too.

Either way, I’m pumped that it looks like we’ll be getting a live-action TV show along with Johnson’s new trilogy, plus likely more standalone films moving forward too post Episode IX.  It’s an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan!


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