Forces of Destiny short confirms fate of a few Star Wars Rebels characters

Forces of Destiny is a newer Star Wars show that launched this summer that is made up of several different shorts, only a few minutes each, exploring further adventures of the female heroes of the Star Wars universe.

It’s included people like Rey, Leia, Padme, Ahsoka, Jyn, Sabine, and Hera, tracking them on miniature adventures.  The show is considered canon, but it typically doesn’t have much relevance whatsoever to the larger storylines, as it just seeks to fill in the gaps.

However, one of the most recent episodes does actually have some significance to the larger storylines, particularly Star Wars Rebels, as it reveals the fate of a few of the main characters.

Here’s the short:

Basically, this short takes place shortly after the Battle of Endor and shows the Ewoks preparing to cook and eat stormtroopers, but Leia steps in and sends Han and Chewie to get food from General Hera Syndulla’s camp.  They do, and Han approaches Hera with the request… but in order to get the food, he begrudgingly has to admit that the Ghost is a better ship than the Falcon.  It seems as if it’s a running point of conversation between the two of them, and Han and Chewie bring back the supplies for the Ewoks while Leia tells Han that no one actually thinks the Ghost is a better ship.

It’s a cool short and all, but here’s what’s really significant: it’s a canon confirmation that Hera, Chopper, and the Ghost survive the Battle of Scariff, and are in fact still with the Rebellion even after the Battle of Endor.  That means we may later get more stories as to what they were up to during the course of the original trilogy, such as during the Battle of Yavin, the Battle of Hoth, and the Battle of Endor.  But we at least know that Hera and the Ghost were on Endor shortly after the battle, whether it was as part of the celebration, to help with supplies, or to root out remaining Imperials.

We already knew that Hera, Chopper, and the Ghost survive the events of the Rebels TV show because they’re all in Rogue One.  We hear a call for General Syndulla over the intercom, we see Chopper rolling by, and we see the Ghost in the Battle of Scarif:

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 3.04.03 PM.png

Now, we just know that they also survive that battle and are around during the events of the original trilogy.  But it’s interesting to note that both in Rogue One and in this Forces of Destiny short, the only members of the Ghost crew that we see or hear referenced are Hera and Chopper.  Does that mean that by this time they’re the only ones left with the Rebellion (if not the only ones left alive)?  It seems quite possible, but this final season of Star Wars Rebels should answer that question definitively.

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