Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures review!

A brand new Star Wars show premiered on Disney+ on Star Wars Day (May 4), and it’s the first series ever set in the High Republic era too: Young Jedi Adventures.

The animated series is geared toward younger kids and is airing on Disney Junior alongside the Disney+ streaming platform, and it’s focused on a group of kids who go on a series of adventures. There’s Kai Brightstar, a promising Jedi Youngling, and his fellow Younglings and friends, Lys Solay and the immediately lovable Nubs. There’s the bold and daring pilot Nash Durango, and her trusty droid RJ-83. There’s a very familiar face for Star Wars fans in Master Yoda, who provides teaching along the way for our young Jedi heroes, as does Jedi Master Zia Zanna. Their adventures bring them up against the young pirate Taborr and his crew, who are causing trouble for locals.

The story is set in the High Republic era, a time period that’s currently being explored extensively through Lucasfilm Publishing with books and comics, and the era will also be brought to live-action with The Acolyte, set during the late years of the era of exploration and advancement. We don’t know when exactly in this time period Young Jedi Adventures is set, but we do know that Yoda was one of the Grand Masters of the Jedi Order but took a step back for a bit in order to focus on training younglings. It’s a way of seeing Yoda interact with the next generation of Jedi, something that he did right up until the fall of the Order a few hundred years after this show.

Young Jedi Adventures is quite obviously made for young viewers, even more so than the typically kid-friendly franchise. It’s important for adults to keep in mind that they are far from the target audience for this show, but even still I think plenty of people from all ages will find it a fun and adorable show. It’s not too profound or anything, but it conveys some important character-building moments for the cast of heroes and contains some of the classic Star Wars theme and feel that we’re used to. Plus, I think it’s really cool to imagine young kids getting their first introduction to the franchise through the High Republic era and these new characters.

The first seven episodes are all available to stream on Disney+, with showrunner Michael Olson also executive producing alongside James Waugh, Jacqui Lopez, and Josh Rimes. It’s the latest project for Lucasfilm Animation, and it’s the first time they’ve done a full-length show specifically for young kids. It’s vital for this franchise to be able to connect across all ages, and the thought of a new generation of Star Wars fans being birthed from this show is awesome. Far before many kids are ready to tackle the films or shows, there will be Young Jedi Adventures to pique their interest in the franchise. And I consider that a win.

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