The Daniels apparently directed an episode of Skeleton Crew

Recently, some rumors began swirling about Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schienart directing an episode of Skeleton Crew,

Kwan then took to Instagram to clarify their involvement, sharing on an Instagram story that they directed one episode of the upcoming series. “We love Jon [Watts], love Star Wars, love learning new tech, we love meeting new cast and crew, and we needed the days to keep our healthcare (!!!) so it was an easy yes,” he wrote. “We shot it last year and had an incredible time working with the most talented cast and crew and I’m excited for you all to see it.”

Kwan and Schienart, known creatively as the Daniels, are among the hottest names in Hollywood currently, so although their work on Skeleton Crew came before their recent notoriety it’s cool to see them attached to a Star Wars project. Their recent movie, Everything Everywhere All at Once, is among the most decorated movies in film history. It won seven Academy Awards (on eleven nominations), including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay for the Daniels. (Indiana Jones alum Ke Huy Quan also won for Best Supporting Actor.)

We still don’t know much about Skeleton Crew, but Jon Watts is the showrunner for a series that stars Jude Law. It’s being overseen by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni as part of the Mandoverse, and it will be about a group of kids who get lost in the galaxy and must find their way back home. We’ll surely get a bit more information at Star Wars Celebration coming soon. The official list of directors for The Mandalorian season 3 didn’t come until shortly before the season premiere, however, so a list of directors on this series might not be known for a while yet. Getting the Daniels is a great move, however, and it will be very interesting to see.

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