Star Wars: The High Republic video highlights the two Supreme Chancellors who serve together

A while back, Star Wars released another High Republic character video on YouTube, this time focusing on the chancellors of the current era we’re seeing in the High Republic – set around 350 years prior to the events of The Phantom Menace.

And yes, that’s right: chancellors, plural. For the first time in Star Wars, we have two people who are filling the office simultaneously, working together to accomplish their agenda for the galaxy – including an equitable Republic, open communication, safe hyperspace travel, and galactic expansion.

Kyong Greylark was a human female holding office, and she preferred to stay on Coruscant and represent state and political interests. Orlen Mollo was a Quarren male holding office alongside her, and he preferred to be out and about in the galaxy, often working alongside the Jedi.

Also of note is the fact that Mollo is the rare non-human Supreme Chancellor. We technically know of one other non-human Chancellor in the Republic’s history, the Twi’lek Kirames Kaj, who was briefly mentioned in the novel Master & Apprentice as being chancellor right before Finus Valorum took office. But this is the best look we’ve had at a non-human chancellor, and I’m very curious to hear more about him and how he came into the office.

You can check out the video featuring these two here:

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