Full list of episode titles and premiere dates released for The Bad Batch season 2

The Bad Batch season 2 is right around the corner, premiering on Disney+ on Wednesday, January 4. The season, much like the first, will feature 16 episodes, meaning that it will run through March.

In fact, Star Wars recently released the full list of episode titles and premiere dates for the full season, which is a new development but certainly welcome. It lets us know what’s ahead, and especially when we’ll get to see it. The series will run weekly on Wednesdays from January 4 through March 29, and that will include three different weeks with a double-feature. At the season premiere (January 4), the midseason point (February 8), and the season finale (March 29), there will be double episodes, and it seems likely that those episodes will combine well thematically.

There aren’t a whole lot of spoilers from the episode titles yet, except for some general thematic elements. For example, episodes 7 and 8, titled “The Clone Conspiracy” and “Truth and Consequences” are likely going to deal with the reality of Order 66 and the fallout from it, perhaps even diving in more to the mystery behind the inhibitor chips.

But while we might be able to glean some things from the titles themselves, what is probably most significant at this point is when these episodes release. It’s exciting to have more Star Wars content weekly, and I’m pumped to see the season season of this show. For the final month of the season, though, it will run simultaneously with The Mandalorian season 3. It will be extremely interesting to see how much attention this show continues to get when that happens, and how much attention this show gets from Star Wars and its publicity. There’s no way that this animated series will compete with the live-action show that remains the flagship series for Disney+, but hopefully it will still get the attention it deserves. It will be an experiment for Lucasfilm, marking the first time that two Star Wars shows are airing weekly at the same time.

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