Krrsantan, the Profundity, and a Galactic Legend Jabba the Hutt will be coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes soon!

There haven’t been a ton of exciting updates for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes this year, but that changed recently with the latest State of the Galaxy post.

The biggest update is the reveal of the newest Galactic Legend: Jabba the Hutt! This is something that people have speculated about for years, but this announcement is surprising – yet certainly welcome. No release date for Jabba was announced, but it was revealed that he will not have a GL counterpart, meaning that unlike the previous three batches of Galactic Legends he will be a standalone release. He is designed to “interact heavily with the new Hutt Cartel tag and have synergy with Bounty Hunters and Smugglers.” Interestingly, it is mentioned that he will be especially useful in Territory Battles, and in further game modes to be revealed later, which seems to suggest that he might be a bit more mode-specific than previous GLs, so we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

The Hutt Cartel tag is brand new, and a separate post stated that Boba Fett, Embo, Cad Bane, Greedo, Gamorrean Guard, Mob Enforcer, and Krrsantan will be getting the tag. Yes, that’s right, Krrsantan! The fearsome Wookiee bounty hunter seen in The Book of Boba Fett and in various comics will be joining the holotables soon as a marquee character, designed to work well with Jabba.

He’s part of the first batch of requirements for Jabba as well, which is no surprise. The first group of requirements are Krrsantan (at Relic 5), Han Solo (at Relic 8), Gamorrean Guard (at Relic 3), Greedo (at Relic 6), and Outrider (at 7 stars). The inclusion of the Outrider is quite odd, but otherwise these requirements seem to fit thematically, and they aren’t terrible from an investment level either.

Beyond Jabba the Hutt and Krrsantan, there’s one more new addition joining the game, and this one was seen from miles away: the Profundity is coming. Admiral Raddus’s capital ship is designed to be the counterpart to the Executrix (Admiral Piett), boosting the rebel fleet. The requirements are very steep, however, and marks the first time that a relic 9 is required in a journey like this (for Admiral Raddus).

Overall, though, this is a huge news update, and finally something to actually get excited for. While we’ll keep our hopes a bit tempered based on recent experience, this is nonetheless a fun and encouraging moment for the game and one that people can rally behind a bit. And that’s not even to mention that they’re bringing a LONG overdue quality of life when it comes to mod management, which is great.

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