The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 2 saw the return of two long-forgotten people from a deleted scene of A New Hope!

The first two episodes of The Book of Boba Fett have featured several exciting cameos for Star Wars fans, from Max Rebo to Black Krrsantan. And these are cameos done really well, since casual audiences don’t need to know anything about them to follow the story, while the fans that follow those things are rewarded.

But there was an even subtler cameo in Chapter 2 of the show, “The Tribes of Tatooine,” that isn’t explicitly even said in the show, and has no impact on the plot itself, but that is very cool. In the flashback scenes of Boba Fett with the Tusken Raiders, when he heads off into the night to beat up the gang of Nikto bikers, he confronts them at Tosche Station. This is actually the first time we have seen it in a canon project, but it was mentioned all the way back in the original Star Wars, as Luke Skywalker complained to Uncle Owen, “But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!” Now The Book of Boba Fett has finally shown us the location we’ve long heard about.

Tosche Station was actually originally seen in a deleted scene for A New Hope, however! In this scene, Luke looks up at the sky and sees a battle going on (the one between the Empire and Princess Leia’s blockade runner) and rushes off to Tosche Station to tell his friends, Laze Loneozner (who ran the station and was nicknamed “Fixer”) and his girlfriend Camie Marstrap (who, in the introduction to Jason Fry’s novelization of The Last Jedi, is married to Luke in his dream of what would have happened if he stayed on Tatooine). While there, Luke discovers that another friend, Biggs Darklighter, has returned from the academy. The four of them were childhood friends and did a lot together.

Which is why it was even more exciting when Fixer and Camie appeared in The Book of Boba Fett at Tosche Station! That’s right; the couple who was harassed by the Nikto gang was Fixer and Camie, the childhood friends of Luke Skywalker. Their names are never mentioned in the episode and they don’t have a big role, but Camie is identified in the subtitles and both of them are identified in the credits (Camie being played by Mandy Kowalski and Fixer by Skyler Bible). So shortly after the Battle of Endor (which is four years after the Battle of Yavin), Fixer and Camie were still together and were still hanging around Tosche Station.

It was really cool to see them appear in a cameo in this show, and it’s the kind of small yet significant attention to detail that feels so rewarding to Star Wars fans.

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