Disney has apparently created a “real” lightsaber!

On Thursday, Disney hosted an event “A Special Look Inside Disney Parks,” where they announced and revealed various things. You may have seen stuff from this about the Avengers Campus, as images were released and an opening date was given of June 4, 2021 at Disneyland in California.

But there was another reveal that will surely catch the attention of Star Wars fans. At the end of the event, Josh D’Amaro, the chairman of Disney Parks, ignited a lightsaber, said “it’s real,” and then the event ended. Here’s the way it was described:

So, to recap, D’Amaro came out with the Skywalker lightsaber hilt at the end of the program, and then he proceeded to ignite it, with the blade emerging and the lightsaber sound being heard, and he said, “it’s real.” That’s all we know, and obviously that creates a lot of intrigue!

This actually shouldn’t be too surprising, as a few years ago Disney filed a patent for a real lightsaber – letting us know that they were, in fact, working on it. And it seems they’ve figured out how to do it, which is amazing.

Of course, the reason I put the real in quotation marks above is because, obviously, this isn’t a real lightsaber. It’s not going to slice through limbs or doors or whatever, as we see in Star Wars. That probably goes without saying, but I needed to point it out anyway. But what it “real” about it is that it seems like this is a lightsaber that can actually emit a blade from the hilt, making it appear real for all intents and purposes. And that opens up plenty of possibilities about the ways this could be used at the Disney Parks at Galaxy’s Edge, or at the Galactic Starcruiser hotel that will be opening up.

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